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How to stay in control of your emotions during the pandemic

As the COVID-19 outbreak seemingly brings the world to a grinding halt, it’s easy to let anxiety and uncertainty rule your emotions. We know the rules for staying physically healthy during these emotionally fraught few months, but what about mental health?

Being able to control emotions should assist you to get through the next stage of the pandemic, and help you find calm during times of difficulty in other areas of your life.

What does it mean to control emotions?

Emotional control is not about suppressing or ignoring negative feelings. Instead our approach aims to help clients find freedom in a quiet mind, become emboldened in times of hardship, and face the world with calm and composure.

Our aim at the end of 12 sessions is to help you ease the weight of anxiety and stress, especially in these tumultuous times. Please note that long-term mental health problems will require more sessions.

Common coronavirus emotions

The combination of endless media reports, social media posts, worried conversations with friends and co-workers, and increasing diagnosis numbers may be triggering or exacerbating anxious feelings for many people around the world.

Look out for these emotions:

  • Feeling the future is hopeless
  • Worry about the health of a loved one
  • Fear of things you never feared before
  • Distrust of strangers
  • Anger at situations outside your control
  • Frustration at minor inconveniences
  • Panicked response (including panic attacks)
  • Negative internal chatter

How many of these are you experiencing? Take a minute now to check in and identify signs you may be locked in a cycle of anxiety.

Controlling emotions: Where do I start?

Breaking the cycle of anxiety is not easy, however it has possibly never been more important to look after your emotional wellbeing.

Here at Blissiree Pty Ltd we seek to help clients take back control of their emotions with a 100% natural, drug-free approach based on empowering emotions instead of avoiding them.

In 12 sessions our facilitators guide a process that may help you overcome feelings of anxiety and keep negative sentiments in check. Our client testimonials tell personal stories of people in very similar situations who found emotional empowerment, knowledge, and practical tools to help them face life with confidence.

Social distancing may be keeping you away from loved ones and friends, but you can still seek support from Blissiree Pty Ltd to control emotions with confidence.

Get in touch to learn more about our discounted $79 phone consultation (normally $220) that introduces ways you could ease the burden of anxiety for good.