Unstoppable You Program

Unstoppable You Program

Unstoppable You Program

Unstoppable You is a path to self-mastery and peak performance, where you can overcome fears and doubts that hold you back from realizing your full potential.

Like the late great Napoleon Hill said, can you really Think and Grow Rich? It seems like a pipe dream. But success isn’t just a bunch of slogans or a few inspirational quotes thrown about on Instagram—it’s a mindset. What your mind believes comes true. Imagine if you could “reprogram” your reality so success is as certain as the sun rising.

The Unstoppable You program helps unlock your hidden potential. Overcome internal and external challenges, achieve your most important life goals to live a life of abundance and happiness.

By delving into layers upon layers of genetic memory, the Unstoppable You program allows your brain to operate at its full capacity each and every day. It sets you on course for a fulfilling, positive and successful life.

Unstoppable You is a comprehensive mindset shifting program, designed to counteract the brain’s natural tendency towards a lack mentality, burnout and unhelpful thoughts.

Through time-tested programming, designed to move you past the pressures of the 21st century, Unstoppable You helps you to stay on track to achieve your goals.

How Unstoppable You Works

Many self-help gurus are all about excitement in the beginning, leaving you energised until the sun comes up the next morning. Then it’s back to what feels like the grind of work and everyday life. It’s almost like running on a hamster wheel around and around with no way to get off.

Terri understands this all too well. Blissiree is the product of entrepreneurship which means long hours, intense pressure to perform, and sleepless nights wondering if what you are doing is good enough or will truly help you break through to the next level.

Anyone striving for high achievement can feel burned out when they don’t quite get the result they want. Stress feels never-ending. Loved ones can sense your presence isn’t quite there. You can feel your brain not only fighting its doubts, but also fatigue. You may notice, in the quest to be the best, you keep falling short. You do everything ‘right’ yet a lingering uncertainty prevents you reaching your true potential.

Do you believe you can be the best? Sometimes believing just isn’t enough.

Unstoppable You lifts the brain’s performance to meet challenges with greater confidence and ease. Work will no longer be a burden, it becomes effortless. And it shifts the focus from the small stuff to the big picture.

Completing the Unstoppable You Program attunes your brain to work on what it can control and ignores what cannot be controlled. Program participants say it gives you the clarity to grow your business to achieve your goals without self-limiting doubts and hesitation.

Unstoppable You Sessions

Many self-help gurus are all about excitement in the beginning, leaving you energised until the Unstoppable You Program is one session every day for 10 days in a row. This is followed up by a power performance booster 10 days later to lock in your new mindset. So it is important to set aside time every day for the next 10 days to get the most out of each session.he sun comes up the next morning. Then it’s back to what feels like the grind of work and everyday life. It’s almost like running on a hamster wheel around and around with no way to get off.

The following is a rundown on what to expect out of each session.

Session 1: Eliminate Fears and Doubts

In this session we focus on developing an unstoppable mindset to eliminate fears and doubts. We begin by looking at the root causes of the fears, doubts and insecurities that have previously stood between you and achieving your most important life goals. Once we start reducing these long-held fears and doubts, you may possess the inner clarity, courage and confidence to know what to do next to achieve your goals no matter what obstacles arise.

Session 2: Mastering Emotions

Emotions govern the way you respond to challenges in every area of your life. In session two we help you to master and manage your emotions more effectively. This is a defining trait of successful people who evaluate situations and are decisive instead of reacting from irrational emotions. Once you master your emotions you may find it much easier to stay focused and motivated towards achieving your goals.

Session 3: Increase Self-confidence

Unshakeable self-confidence helps you become more adaptable when facing change. In session three we aim to help you develop unshakable confidence and become more adaptable and flexible in the face of change.

As your confidence grows so does your optimism and belief that you will achieve your end goals no matter what. You may naturally begin to work at peak performance more often with less risk of becoming drained, stressed or burnt out by daily challenges.

Session 4: Develop Character and Identity

Session four addresses the character traits inherited from your parents. For some these are a blessing but for others they hold them back and sabotage personal success.

We focus on developing your character and identity so they may be more aligned with the person you want to be, and the life you want to live. During this session, we aim to reduce ineffective traits from obstructing your advancement so you develop your authentic, values-based traits that are integral to your future professional and personal success. As your character and identity blossom, you may feel truly worthy of the wealth, success, love and happiness you desire, and may begin to attract these things into your life with less internal struggle and self-sabotage.

Session 5: Healing Your Heart Memory

It is important to master you heart’s feelings and memories. In session five we aim to rebalance your heart’s feelings from dread to inspiration, and reduce any blockages so you can truly master your life. This may help you realise that you can go far beyond your current abilities and limiting beliefs to become a true master of your life.

Session 6: Developing Emotional Intelligence

Your ability to feel safe and connect deeply with people, to start a conversation, and negotiate important meetings without fear of being judged, all comes from your emotional intelligence.

Session six aims to develop your emotional intelligence to naturally increase your compassion, empathy, sincerity and kindness towards others. This helps you to become more self-motivated and positive, and solution-oriented in all areas of your life.

Session 7: Eliminating Sabotaging Patterns of Behaviour

Sabotaging patterns of behavior are both inherited and learnt. You need to eliminate these to become unstoppable.

In session seven we aim to address your negative default patterns of thinking and behavior that sabotage your health, finances, relationships, career or business. These sabotaging patterns come from nowhere and keep repeating themselves regardless of your efforts to stop them. Often they are so automatic that they set you up for failure without conscious effort. So to become unstoppable, we assist in helping you to reduce your sabotaging patterns and clear your path to success.

Session 8: Controlling the Ego

The ego is judgemental, critical and self-centred, creating thinking systems that will make decisions based on what serves the self, rather than caring about the greater good. Often the ego can lead us to make choices that fulfil an emotional need like buying a car, house, holiday or clothes that we may not be able to afford, so we can impress people.

In session eight we aim to reduce the ego to help increase your sense of universal love and compassion for everyone. This may help you manage your ego more effectively for sustainable personal and professional success.

Session 9: Improving Perceptions

Throughout life you may have built up a whole host of negative perceptions which is easy to do. Session nine aims to free you from these so you can walk the path to becoming unstoppable. Your mind may enjoy more clarity, and your thinking and decision making may be free from the influence of inherited negative perceptions.

Session 10: Building an Abundant Future

Your money blueprint is a mindset inherited from your parents and past generations. If your mind has inherited a mentality of survival you’ll naturally default into money stress, money fear and money lack, which triggers a negative spiral into feelings of hopelessness and fear of failure. In this session we aim to address any limiting beliefs around money and replace them with beliefs of prosperity and abundance.

You may feel worthy of the financial success and security you desire, and maintain the strong self-belief required to endure and overcome setbacks on your road to financial prosperity and personal success.

Session 11: Power Booster Session

Session 11 is your power booster session. We aim to identify and reduce any residual negative thinking that has your inner critic telling you that you aren’t worthy of success. It is important to ensure that you are free from past experiences of failure so you may possess the courage to take the necessary calculated risks to grow a successful career or business.

This session aims to deeply integrate the program into your daily life so you continue to bloom over the next 12 months.

Benefits of Completing Unstoppable You

You Need to Become Unstoppable

Try the free introductory session. It gives you a taste of what it is like to have an unstoppable mindset for between 24 and 72 hours.

Once you experience feeling unstoppable and want more, purchase your Unstoppable You program. Set aside time every day for the next 10 days to get the most out of your sessions. This is followed up by a power performance booster 10 days later to lock in your new mindset.

Each healing session has a lesson, tips and activities. It is important to set up time to do the lessons and activities that accompany each healing session. The best time to do these is while you feel alert enough to learn new distinctions about your mindset and behaviour. So maybe either during the day or after dinner.

Each session has lessons, tips and activities to complete. Do these at a time you are mentally alert every day. This will ensure you absorb the benefits of your sessions so your unstoppable mindset continues to grow.

When you complete your Unstoppable You Program, you receive the gift of 12 free monthly peak performance boosters to maintain your new unstoppable mindset.

If you have any questions, reach out to our free online support for answers. Or book a coaching session with one of our qualified facilitators (fees apply).