On the lowest volume possible, resting with your eyes closed or while sleeping. So that you don’t disturb yourself or your partner, put your device on your bedside table at just a whisper volume. If this still disturbs your sleeping, pop your device on the floor next to your bed. The Positive Auditory Stimuli Technique used in your audios works on subliminal programming, so you only need to barely hear the wording for it to give you maximum results.

We don’t recommend you come off your medication while healing from your mental illness. If you feel recovered from your mental illness at the end of your program, you should consult your doctor and devise a plan with them. We have audio in the boost library to support you during your weaning-off period.

It will take about seven days of nightly playing to feel the benefits of your boost membership. We gift you a 14-day free trial, so you can be confident that your membership delivers value for your investment. You need to maintain your nightly playlist to gain long-term mental health benefits and achieve more consistent and better sleep patterns, happier moods, greater self-worth and self-esteem and healthier perceptions. Stress builds up daily, so if you don’t reduce your stress patterns on nightly grounds, you’ll find that your problems will start to weigh heavily on you, and your brain will trigger survival patterns of behaviour which will result in burnout. All you have to do is press play every night, and until you are in the habit, set yourself an alarm to remind you to do your nightly playlist.

98% of people notice life-changing results at the end of their Free Introductory session. This session will help you to gain an insight into the results you ought to expect to achieve from my Emotional Empowerment Program. If you are successful, you’ll feel calmer, more at peace, more relaxed and less overwhelmed with your problems and challenges. You’ll notice your misery and suffering will be further in the background, so you’ll get mental relief between 24-72 hours.

2% of people don’t achieve a result at the end of their Introductory session because their brain doesn’t feel safe with sudden change, and if that is the case, my Boost library is the best solution until your brain feels safe with sudden change.

Statistically, I have found over the past 16 years that only 4 per cent of people who start their program become treatment-resistant, so their results will only be marginal. Because we track and measure your progress, we will know by session four whether you are on track or not. If you are not progressing with at least a 30 per cent improvement in your mental health by session four, I recommend doing the conditioned series to shift that stubborn and inflexible mindset.

The consultation fee is $230.00 AUD for an hour Consult and Session booking. The appointments are done via Telehealth, Virtual Visit (video link up), WhatsApp or Onsite. You can book online via our website, by calling us on 1300 884 348 or email conciergesupport@blissiree.com and provide your contact details so we can contact you.

Statistically, clients progressing during their Emotional Empowerment Program, on average, achieve between a 70-90 per cent recovery at the end of 14 sessions. However, keep in mind results may vary from person to person.

No, you do not. You pay as you go. Sessions booked with Terri Bowman are $230 AUD, and there are fourteen sessions to help you to achieve better mental health and happier, more joyful moods.

On the Blissiree App, at present we have an offer running, giving this to you for $2.99 AUD per session. I recommend weekly sessions for moderate symptoms of mental illness. Still, if you have severe symptoms of mental illness, then every three days is recommended until your feel stable and more in control of your emotions. Then you can reduce it back to weekly sessions.

I recommend that you stay with your therapist as the therapeutic benefits from therapy are beneficial for recovery. We are still available if you would like to combine the two types of techniques.

Yes. Although I am not a qualified therapist, my deep understanding of how the unconscious brain behaves is an asset to my clients. For more than 16 years, I have worked with clients to heal from their mental illnesses. I have developed a passion for complex cases as it tests me to use my knowledge and understanding to help clients who are complicated to heal and recover from their mental illnesses. Some people do not fall into the typical treatment paradox, so the mental health system fails them. I like to delve deep into why their brain is struggling to heal and design the right treatment plan that best suits their needs.

The consultation fee is $230.00 AUD for an hour Consult and Session booking. The appointments are done via Telehealth, Virtual Visit (video link up), WhatsApp or Onsite. You can book online via our website, by calling us on 1300 884 348 or email conciergesupport@blissiree.com and provide your contact details so we can contact you.

The Unstoppable You has been skillfully created to reprogram your mind and brain to become unstoppable. This program isn’t for mentally ill people but people with mild stress levels and good mental health. Unstoppable You is my signature program for peak performance. It lifts the ability of your mind and brain, so you get more focused, more motivated and more intentional with your daily activities. You become that person who is driven but has a balance in your life. You elevate your mind to a point where you work more with less effort. Unstoppable You doesn’t mean you are a bull in a China shop, but more that you don’t get stopped when life gets complicated. You become a high achiever and gain mastery over your emotions, feelings, thoughts and behavior. Your goals and dreams become so achievable, and you see your life from a different filter. You gain access to your creative mind and are more in control of your willpower and determination. Unstoppable You help you go beyond your limitations to have a sense of purpose and meaning, so you are more likely to wake up feeling more excited about the day. Unstoppable You change your mindset from failure to success. It also stops you from defaulting to fears and limitations. Experience what it is like to have an Unstoppable mindset for between 24-72 hrs. Try our Introductory Session for free.

Yes, you do. With the Unstoppable You program, once you start, you must complete the entire program from start to finish. The Unstoppable You Program make more significant long-lasting changes to the mind and brain, and with every session, you shift the reality of your mind and brain to become unstoppable. These changes need to be done daily for ten days, or the results won’t be as effective, and therefore, you’ll be disappointed with your investment. I offer a complimentary Introductory session so you can better understand if you have the commitment and time to complete the program.

I always recommend that if you are at risk, you need to seek help from your local crisis care facility or mental health professional. However, I offer audios for suicidal support on my Boost membership library. These audios do not replace your crisis care provider but may give you some relief from your emotional pain and suffering so you can mentally think more rationally. My suicidal relief bundle is on the Boost suggested playlist. I would also recommend trying my Emotional Empowerment Free Introductory session so you can experience life free from those harmful and dark thoughts for at least 24 hrs.

You have access to free unlimited online support whilst you are using my Blissiree app. You can book your virtual consultation via the app if you need a qualified mental health practitioner to guide and support you during your sessions. Fees apply.

And now our groundbreaking method is evidence-based, peer-reviewed and published in the European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences.

The study examined data from 535 patients who underwent our Emotional Empowerment Program—using well-validated and widely used psychometric tools, like the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and the Penn State Worry Questionnaire. The study determined that patients who completed the program with 12-14 subliminal programming sessions exhibited increased self-esteem and state of being. Patients also reported significant reductions in anxiety, depression, stress, and worry. Importantly, in-person and virtual patients both reaped the benefits of the program.

Over the past 16 years, I’ve never witnessed adverse side effects from facilitating my Positive Auditory Stimuli Technique. The only negative results I’ve seen on rare occasions are a purge of emotions, such as crying or anger, vivid dreams or pressure headaches. These generally subside within 24-48 hrs. It’s the unconscious brain’s way of releasing suppressed emotions and feelings. The pressure headaches are the brain being resistant to the new changes.

Open the Settings app.

  1. Tap your name.
  2. Tap Subscriptions.
  3. Tap the subscription.
  4. Tap Cancel Subscription. You may need to scroll down to find the Cancel Subscription button.

Open the Google Play Store app and tap your profile icon in the top-right corner.

  1. In the Google menu that opens, tap Payments & subscriptions.
  2. Tap Subscriptions, then find and select the membership you want to cancel.
  3. Once its settings page opens, tap Cancel subscription.

Jump onto our chat support, so we will raise a tech support ticket to our developer to fix your problem.

Jump onto our chat support, and we will raise a tech support ticket to our developers to fix the problem.

Please make sure you have purchased your program session and if the problem persists, jump onto our support chat to troubleshoot your issues.

Click on the audio that interests you in your Boost library. Look for the heart icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on that and add it to your playlist. It’s that simple!

On average, between 20-25 audios a night if you sleep around 8 hours.