Emotional Empowerment Program

Emotional Empowerment Program

Emotional Empowerment Program

The Emotional Empowerment Program is the first of its kind in the world. It is a drug-free positive auditory stimuli technique developed by Blissiree founder and CEO, Terri Bowman. This is Terri’s signature mental health and wellness program. It is perfect if you are dealing with anxiety, depression, worry, stress, anger, trauma, insomnia, burnout, negative default patterns of behavior and feeling overwhelmed.

For more than 16 years Terri had been successfully helping people with all types of mental health issues. Her success rate is 98% of people seeing a change in their symptoms after the first session.

Technique Targets the unconscious brain

Terri’s positive auditory stimuli technique targets the unconscious brain to change cognitive behavior. It retrains the brain’s unhealthy patterns via the unconscious part of the brain. This works as this is where all emotional and mental problems usually have their foundation.

There are seven major factors that contribute to mental illness-stress, negativity, worry, fear, dwelling on the past low self-esteem and a lack I confidence. While 60% of these factors are genetic, 40% are conditioned. Everyone inherits a blueprint at the time of birth that creates default patterns, how you see the world, and how you react and behave.

Working with unconscious brain to change conscious behavior may help address inherited thought patterns and behavior. Our technique may also work on conditioned patterns of behavior from birth until the present time.

By accessing the innate intelligence of the unconscious brain, this technique may help your brain to change past negative, ineffective experiences so they become happier and joyful. You may make more positive life choices that break the cycle of sabotaging patterns of behavior that are genetically linked.

Addresses negative thought patterns

When you have destructive thoughts and thinking patterns, you make your life and those of the people around you a lot harder than it needs to be. It can be hard to be happy and feel good when you see the world in a negative light. Using the positive auditory stimuli technique to address negative thought patterns may change the perceptions you have about your life and circumstances. It may be the first step in breaking destructive thinking habits and negative self-talk.

Many mental health problems are characterised by extreme mood swings and emotional behaviour. Dealing with stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and many other mental health issues means you struggle with extreme highs and lows. Using our technique as a tool rebalances moods and emotional behaviour. After you complete each session you may feel more joyful without struggling to combat the highs and lows of mental health conditions.

If you have a mental health condition, your self-esteem may be low which erodes your confidence. Self-esteem and confidence play an important role in a happy, well-balanced life. But when you face tough challenges such as abuse, losing a job, bullying and divorce, for example, it chips away at self-esteem and confidence. Confidence is your armour against the world. When it is low, you lack the armour to stand up to life’s challenges and live life to the full.

Emotional Empowerment Program Sessions

If you have post-traumatic stress syndrome you will need 19 sessions and for severe mental illness, 18 sessions. But if you have anxiety, depression, trauma that has not developed into post-traumatic stress syndrome, burnout, overwhelm, insomnia or stress, you need 14 sessions.

The following is an example of each of the 14 sessions you will complete as part of the Emotional Empowerment Program.

Session 1: Strengthen your Foundations

During your first session we strengthen your foundations. It will help you cope better with what is happening in your life without feeling distressed or overwhelmed by your daily challenges. o.

Session 2 Limiting Beliefs Prevent Living an Extraordinary Life

Session two addresses the limiting beliefs that prevent you living a full life. What you believe influences what you think and your actions. So it is important to know how limiting beliefs affect different parts of your life.

Session 3: Your Inner Critic

When your inner critic is in your ear with incessant negativity, it can be impossible to see past the limiting beliefs that hold you back. This session aims to help you access your true potential.

Session 4: Overcoming Fears

In session four, we aim to investigate and break down your deeply ingrained fears and anxieties, and other instinctive negative attitudes that stop you from getting the most out of life. To break free from negative, instinctual responses, it is crucial to address and control your genetic fears, so they work for you, instead of creating unnecessary internal distress.

Session 5: Becoming more Open to Change

Embracing change helps build resilience. By the end of this session your mind may better accept the surprises life throws at you. Positively embracing change creates resilience, and this is a core building block for good mental health. It also helps support your new emotional reality to allow happiness and joy to fill your life.

Session 6: Replacing Negative Bias with Positivity

In session six we address your negative biases and work to replace these with positivity. Negative bias disrupts us during moments of happiness and can often take the joy and excitement out of positive experiences. If not addressed, we can become pessimistic, feel hopeless and begin to suffer from more serious mental health issues.

Session 7: Aligning Beliefs and Values

The beliefs and values you learn as a child can negatively impact you as an adult. In session seven, we aim to help you remove limiting beliefs and realign your values, so that the instinctive and often unconscious choices you make as an adult consistently lead you towards health, happiness and success in all areas of your life.

Session 8: Stories of the Mind

In this session we address the negative, depressing and fearful stories in your mind. These are incredibly damaging to your mental health so you need to turn them around. Stories about healthy and positive events are fun and exciting, but people who suffer from mental illness create stories that are negative, fearful and depressing. By the end of session eight, you may begin to create stories that are positive and happy, and not attached to the emotional drama of life’s circumstances.

Session 9: Childhood Insecurities

In session nine we work on replacing your childhood insecurities. We aim to replace these with feelings of confidence, strength and security to help you deal with the challenges you face and align your values with your life’s purpose. This may allow you to feel freer to live the life you desire.

Session 10: Improving Perceptions

How you perceive the world affects all parts of your life. We aim to change your perceptions from negative to positive. Left untreated, negative perceptions will continue to erode your confidence and self-esteem, and intensify feelings of vulnerability and inadequacy. In session 10, we aim to help install a positive filter which could fill your life with happiness and vibrancy.

Session 11: Conception until Present Time

In this session we aim to address your default patterns of behaviour to break the cycle of negative, self-sabotaging behaviour. Problems start at the time you are conceived and can manifest into mental health problems, based on the environmental and emotional stresses you are subjected to. We aim to stop you from accessing negative memories. This may allow you to break the cycle of ineffective, negative and self-sabotaging behaviour.

Session 12: Mental Illness and Money Stress

Session 12 addresses mental illness and money stress. Since the birth of mankind, our brains have constantly endured stress, fear and tension. Money stress creates the same emotional responses in the brain as when someone is threatening your life. These stress triggers cause money depression, fears, worry and anxiety. This is why money stress can be a major contributing factor to mental illness. We aim to help you break free from genetic mental illness. This may lead to a more abundant mindset, which could generate more creativity and confidence to manage money.

Session 13: Emotional Patterns of Behaviour

Emotions are the most difficult area to treat because they dominate all aspects of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, perceptions and sensations. In session 13, we work with you to help rebalance all emotions. This may allow you to maintain a calmer and more peaceful outlook on life and improve relationships with those around you.

Session 14: Emotional Intelligence, Certainty about the Future, and Locking in Your New, Positive Behaviours

Your final session in the Emotional Empowerment Program focuses on developing your emotional intelligence.

Developing emotional intelligence could help you to:

  • Overcome life’s challenges without defaulting into a negative spiral of stress, fear and worry.
  • Create better relationships and strengthen bonds with loved ones, so your life is more loving and fulfilling.
  • Be more caring and compassionate towards others and take more responsibility for your life.
  • Embrace the future with more certainty and find the emotional strength to create a life that brings you more joy and happiness.
  • Be the best version of yourself and grow into a person that people enjoy being around.
  • Solve your problems naturally and without resistance. Have a happier and more loving life.

Free Introductory Session

Try the free introductory session. It transforms your mindset and brain behaviour from one of misery, fear and suffering to inner peace in less than 30 minutes. The effects last between 24 – 72 hours. You can try before you buy. So you have nothing to lose.

Each healing session has a lesson, tips and activities. It is important to set up time to do the lessons and activities that accompany each healing session. The best time to do these is while you feel alert enough to learn new distinctions about your mindset and behaviour. So maybe either during the day or after dinner.

Terri gifts you 12 free monthly maintenance sessions after completing your program to reinforce the changes made during the healing sessions.

We are always available to help or answer your questions. Just access our free support line or book a personal consultation (fees apply) when you need help. One of our experienced mental health facilitators will help guide you.