Boost Library Membership

Boost Library Membership

Boost Library Membership

Boost is a membership-based program that assists you to maintain your mental health. Boost Library membership is perfect whether you suffer with a mental illness, want to elevate your performance, enhance personal growth or boost your mental wellbeing. It helps improve your self-image, self-esteem and confidence. It even rebalances your moods and increases your vitality. Boost is also perfect if you want to develop your mindset.

The Boost Library is where you will find more than 100 audios, and growing, to listen to nightly. Use it in between emotional empowerment sessions or when you complete unstoppable you to help boost the effects of the sessions.

Using Boost is super simple. Choose the audios that interest you or best suit your needs and add them to your playlist of favourites. Add as many as you like to your playlist so it amounts to your average sleeping time.

You can create multiple playlists to maximise the full benefits from the Boost Library. Play it during the day while resting in a darkened room or at night while sleeping. Or select one of my custom playlists. The choice is yours.

All the audios work on your unconscious brain to develop your brain and mind with no effort at all while You Sleep. Just Turn The Volume Down On Your Phone So It Is Whisper Quiet And Does Not Disturb You Or Your Partner While You Sleep.

You need to keep your eyes closed the whole time you are listening to your playlist.

Try Boost membership for free for 14 days.