The following are testimonials from just a few of our amazing clients – we are proud of the work that we do and the incredible results that we get.

Blake Overcomes Mental Health Challenges

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Brain Wellness Spa, but I’m sure glad I gave it a shot. You will be too. I was open to trying something that – to me – was very new. The Brain Wellness Spa is probably new to you too. You may be sceptical – as a journalist I’m encouraged to be sceptical and I was – but that doesn’t mean something can’t be done. It just means you haven’t heard of it being done that way. I’d recommend the Brain Wellness Spa. Your brain belongs to you. Don’t belong to it.”*

Nerida Beats Stress & Need for Control

Working with Terri, has had a profound impact, and has turned my life around in so many ways. Being the type of person that always wanted to be in control of any given situation, created so much stress, that it was the root cause of my feeling overwhelmed. After only one session, I was able to let go of the need to control.

I would encourage anyone that is feeling the way I did or feeling like life is closing in around them to go and see Terri because I have no doubt in my mind that this work is what has made the difference in my life. Thanks Terri!*

Fiona Fulfills Her Potential

Recently I spent time with Terri, to help identify some subconscious beliefs that have been holding me back and stopping me from reaching my full potential.

Just amazing is all I can say!

In less than an hour I had got down to the very core of what was blocking me, and then by using this wellness program we created new, and more supporting belief systems.

The work is profound and life-changing, and strongly recommended by me.

A close friend even commented, a couple of days after my session, “that I looked ten years younger”.*

Patient Overcomes Heavy Metal Toxicity

Dear Terri,

My name is Dr Brett Watson and I am a Chiropractor who practices various holistic techniques in order to help patients resolve their health issues. I was impressed with the results from your work on one of our patients. This particular patient I had found to have heavy metal toxicity (copper). To determine this I used a specific biochemical test which has been proven to be accurate and reliable. The common treatment for heavy metal toxicity is oral chelation therapy. This treatment generally takes somewhere between 12 to 18 months to draw the toxins out of the body. The process is meant to be slow as we don’t want too much toxin coming out at once, as it can be released at dangerous concentrated levels into the tissues.

So you could imagine my amazement when the patient returned to me after only one week, requesting that I run the test again as she had been to see yourself and had some Subconscious programming done on her heavy metals. I could not believe the test result was negative-no more copper in her system and after only one week.

Congratulations on such an amazing result, you are proving that when the mind is in control anything is possible.

Yours in good health*

*Please note that results may vary

Aimee Beats Limb Paralysis & Stress

Notes From Terri Bowman, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: This is a case history of Aimee, a 21 year old Chiropractic student who was admitted with limb paralysis into the stroke ward at a major Perth hospital for 3 days, then discharged and then readmitted for another 3 days. Aimee’s doctor is a leading Neurologists who is very successful in his chosen field.

In September 2007, my right hand stopped working. By that I mean one day it went numb, and all my fingers curled up and didn’t move. I still had full feeling in my hand and if someone else could move my fingers passively, they would move, however I couldn’t straighten my fingers, they simply just didn’t want to work. This had happened several times over the past years, but never had my fingers curled up and refused to move. In the past my hand normally went numb and then within a few hours it would return back to normal.

Whilst in Hospital I had every medical test done under the sun, from blood tests to M.R.I.’s. They all resulted in everything being found normal. Because there was no abnormal findings the advise given by the doctors at the hospital was “I needed to pretend I didn’t have a hand anymore, pretend it had been cut off and adapt my life accordingly, change careers and get on with my life”. Pretty devastating for a 21 year old Chiropractic student!

Then I went to see Terri J After only 2 sessions I was seeing a massive improvement in my ability in being able to use my hand again, and before long it was soon back to full strength. We also worked on my ‘stressed self” and once this was released I could feel myself improving in leaps and bounds. Not only in my hands (which I have not had a problem with since I began seeing Terri), but just in general everyday dealings with people and situations. I no longer flip into this person who has uncontrollable erratic behaviour, a person who simply isn’t the true me.

We also worked some wonders on my feet using the Biological Codes. For as long as I can remember I have been unable to squat without the outside of my feet coming off the floor. I had often been used as an example at uni because I couldn’t squat correctly, Terri did her work, and straight after I could then squat correctly with my feet staying on the floor. J

So I’ve come from being told to forget I have a hand, pretend its been cut off and change my careers (and not being able to squat) to being a confident young lady who really does feel like she can achieve anything, with hands that work fine and not having to change my career choice…

Aimee is also blessed with having a mother who refused to accept the doctor’s advice about her child’s future.

After having work done with Terri I instantly felt lighter, happier and my posture has improved markedly. I can honestly say that my experience with Terri has been easy, fun and spiritually amazing. I feel stronger and more capable of dealing with life’s niggles.

I believe the work that Terri is doing is life changing and can change the world for the better, giving others back their connection to the Source, as I have been given.*

Thank you Terri,

Fiona Beats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I first saw Terri about a year ago when she was talking to an auditorium full of people about the amazing work she was doing – she was so enthusiastic, and was so knowledgeable about how the subconscious mind controls our lives, I understood immediately and I was sure she could help me. It still took me a few months to actually take any action on it, but better late than never, I suppose! I am a lawyer, with a science degree, so when I came down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS or ME) 7 years ago I wallowed for a while, then set about finding my cure.

It took about 6 ¼ years. Meanwhile I notched up another science degree (couldn’t let all that time go to waste without achieving something!). Fairly early on in my search I realised that although I was lucky enough to have a family Doctor who knew about CFS, nobody really understood it, so the best I could hope was to learn to manage the symptoms and perhaps recover, but the odds weren’t great. Possibly because of my scientific training, I am aware that science doesn’t always have the answers, and in fact at times the answers can change radically depending on the prevalent theory of the time, so I ignored hard science and went straight for the unscientific as a starting point.

I started with the biological – highly effective vitamins helped a lot. It is only within the last year or 2 that some mainstream science has acknowledged that extra vitamins are needed on top of a healthy diet. Then I realised that the search I should undertake was not really about the outside, but the inside instead – most importantly the mind. Eventually I realised that the stress I was under as a lawyer had been a massive contributing factor to my illness. How could stress be so crucial? People are stressed every day – they deal with it, live with it.

Even depression – I had that too – so what? Well as it turns on the mind controls all – not only the way we think and act, but even our biology. It is well recognised that stress inhibits the immune system for a start, but it does so much more than that on so many different levels that really science is still struggling to scratch the surface. Since seeing “What the Bleep” explain Quantum physics, Dr Bruce Lipton, and Terri, I am finally coming to grips with just how powerful the subconscious mind really is.

Thankfully I was in that auditorium, saw Terri and my days of CFS are now well and truly behind me! But unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Life has a habit of taking over. Lack of illness isn’t quite enough – I wanted happiness, fulfilment, achievement, purpose!

Yesterday when I went to see Terri I was miserable. She was excited about the Brain Wellness Spatreatment she has developed to help people who were suffering from the Blues. I was interested, but not massively excited; I had the flu, was feeling peevish, angry at the world and frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t achieving anything – at least not at the speed I wanted. Compared to 7 years ago, I am the proverbial hare flashing past my old tortoise self, but still, I am not sick any more – yet something was holding me back! Just when I felt like I was moving forward, something would get in the way – be it flu, migraine, work problems, family issues, anything – they would slow me down at a crucial time. I knew deep down it was my subconscious affecting things again, but…

We did the session – rather easy on my part, just sit back, say a few words and let Terri work her magic – which really it is – at least I think so. I went from miserable, crying (poor Terri had to sit through a rather long-winded whine about all the problems in my life, what I wasn’t achieving, etc) to happy – everything seemed brighter, clearer, I was actually able to smile – immediate change from my sad, angry, frustrated self! It was such a RELIEF. My flu symptoms were a lot milder, even straight after the session – much less sniffles and coughing, and today even better! Emotionally even now, although I am not happy all the time, I feel above all the troubles that dragged me down before.

Just a day has passed – I am still the same person, still with the same amount of money in the bank, the same house, car, job, parents, friends, lack of achievement in so many areas – yet it is OK – I am content with my life! I am still intent on achieving things, I still cry when something sad happens on TV. I still have the full range of feelings I have always had – there is no limitation like being on antidepressants. It is like I am in a boat floating above my sea of troubles – not sinking in them. I still have things that I want to achieve and haven’t – but it doesn’t matter – I know I will get to them when the time is right.

It is weird people have been saying to me for a while “everything is perfect” and “it will happen when you are ready” – and up until yesterday, even with all of the work I have done on myself, those statements only made sense if I heard them at the point in time that I had just achieved something – otherwise it was completely incomprehensible – but now I understand it! I haven’t achieved anything – but I feel that way – it is such a relief to know that everything IS perfect, and happens for its own reason in its own time.

You may be reading this and it may be what makes you TAKE ACTION and contact Terri for her Brain Wellness Spa™ Session.

It may be 6 months or a year from now that you make that decision, but whenever it is – all I can say is – make sure it’s sometime rather than never. You owe it to yourself and your future – this is the only way I know of (and I did search for a long time) that you can literally access your subconscious mind and eliminate all the ineffective behaviours, emotions, programs or “bad luck” that may have plagued you your whole life. You CAN transform your life into one of contentment, happiness and purpose – if that’s what you want – it is here for you!*

Jacqui Beats Mind Chatter & Depression

Working with Terri really made a difference. I travelled from Whyalla (4 hours north of Adelaide) to Melbourne to see Terri. Before working with Terri I was quickly spiralling towards Depression and felt that my whole life and marriage were falling apart around me and didn’t know if there was anything I could do to control it. Feeling desperate and full of despair I jumped on a plane … The results speak for themselves.

I immediately felt calm, less stressed and I had that sparkle back in my eye. The feelings of loneliness, sadness and despair had dissipated and I felt clear headed and ready to take on life again. When going through security at Melbourne airport on my journey home I was commented on what a great attitude I had, wow, and my husband noticed the change immediately.

Since having the work done my mind is much clearer and not so bogged down with emotion and continual thoughts of all the yuk stuff running through my mind, I can now read a book again and actually take in what I am reading.

What ever it takes, I would definitely recommend seeing Terri.*

Rachel’s Over Despair & Emotional Stress

Notes From Terri Bowman, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: When Rachel came for her session she was experiencing despair and emotional stress. It was difficult for Rachel to hold back the tears when she was in conversation with me. When she explained the nature of her sadness, it was heartbreaking for me to witness, a beautiful woman like Rachel, in such emotional distress.

Her testimonial was sent to me 5 weeks after her session. When you read what Rachel has to say, you can understand why I find my work such a joy to do.

Imagine meeting your best friend,

someone who knows you, your dreams,

your fears, your hopes, your secrets,

someone who loves you unconditionally.

Imagine that someone is you!

My greatest joy has been to finally meet my inner self.

Thank you Terri for making this possible!*

Peter Beats High Stress & Low Energy

I now feel like a V8, that’s just experienced a major tune-up. My personal energy levels have gone through the roof, the results from my business activities are soaring, my stress levels (high before) are way down, everything feels to be right on track, a wow sort of experience!!*


Janette Beats Stress & Fatigue

I had the Brain Wellness Spa Wellbeing therapy around a month ago, since then I have experienced more energy, mental clarity and emotional stability than ever before.

I cant believe the change, it wasn’t instant but gradual, it took around 7 days for me to notice the significant change.

I work away on mine site and I tend to burn the candle at both ends, as anyone that works away can understand exactly what I am saying. I have also been working at my normal job plus covering another on site, that, to say the least is very stressful as anyone that has been in that position can appreciate. That contributed to my massive fatigue, the first two days of my R&R were spent on the couch trying to recover my energy, having nanny naps while watching TV when I could. Great way to spend the first two day’s of your R&R, trying to feel human again! NOT!

With this Brain Wellness Spa Wellbeing therapy I have noticed that my energy levels have been heaps higher than ever before, to the point where no nanny naps are required on my R&R! I sleep in to around 0530 and get up feeling great, regardless of the time I have spent on site. Prior to the therapy, I would get up at the same time and still feel trashed. The mental clarity has been the biggest thing for me, I no longer have the chattering monkey (so they say) that disturbs my sleep. I would go to bed at night feeling exhausted, going to sleep was not the problem for me, just staying asleep was, any problems that I had during the day / week / month / year that I was worried about, would come into my sleep and cause me sleepless nights.

Now my mind is so calm that no longer am I worried about anything, awake or asleep! I no longer stress or get angry in situations that would normally make me wild! Prior to the therapy, I would get that wound up to the point that my heart would race with the anger and stress of the day. That’s a thing of the past now I am happy to say.

People say to me “You are always happy and you always have a smile on your face” what can I say? Nothing is no longer a drama.

Anyone considering this therapy should give it a go! You have nothing to lose only your baggage! I am so glad that my scepticism didnt stop me from giving it a go. Your real self is out there waiting for you!*

Neryl Gains Self Esteem & Confidence

Thank you once again for my newness of life.

I feel I can tackle situations that come up easily and quickly without getting so emotionally involved. My belief and trust in life and the universe, is also stronger and I tend to go with the flow without questioning it too much.

My new job is fantastic and I keep reaching budget and goals that are set, it is blowing the owners out of the water. I am reading a lot more and love finding time to sit quiet to hear the next move.

Rik is awesome and he is finding that we are having lots more fun together as a couple and our love is so grand. Everyday is wonderful and we are working well together. Our 2 beautiful intelligent boys are also changing and growing in a very strong and positive way.

Thanks once again you are a champion and I love you very much,

Have a top day.*


Graham Beats Cultural & Emotional Stress

Notes From Terri, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: To give you a little background on Graham, he is Afrikaans and new to Australia. His culture is very conservative and cautious.

Only 5 months ago I met Terri and asked her for an appointment. Prior to this I’ve been somebody that wanted the proof, data, science and spreadsheets with the bottom line supporting my beliefs.

I have now spent a couple of days thinking what to say about my experience at Brain Wellness Spa™. The reason is, what Terri has done for me is so profound that I do not have the language to articulate the transformation that has taken place in my life.

The work Terri is doing is absolutely cutting edge, mind shifting and an absolute must for anyone who wants to understand and unlock their true self and full potential and start living the life and experience through who you truly are.

I personally experienced, apart from the “mind” an absolute physical bodily experience as well with each session I have been with Terri.

So for the people out there looking for a tangible experience you will feel this as well. I thought I knew all about the cultural and emotional baggage I was carrying and had it all under control, only to find out what is really going in my subconscious mind after being with [her].

Terri is awesome and the work she is doing cannot be described but only felt.

Thank you so much for coming into my life.*

Merrliyn Changes Negative Thoughts

I have found a marked improvement in my thought patterns and have only reverted slightly twice since my session on November 8, 2008. I am extremely pleased that I came to Brain Wellness Spa™ for help.*


Sharon Overcomes Unbalanced Years

“I first saw Terri in January 2008 after being introduced by my daughter Kelly. I changed instantly. What an amazing lady, an angel sent from God (Heaven).

My last 3 years were very unbalanced. After seeing Terri I felt “GREAT” however 6 months later I fell back into the same old trap. So seeing Terri again on the 08/10/2008, I’m back on Cloud Nine”.*

Kylie’s No Longer Depressed or Suicidal

I am so thankful that my journey has found you. I believe you truly are an angel sent from heaven and your work changes lives, it certainly has for me. My journey is not over, but now I know my life will be happy thanks to you and I will finally be at peace with myself.

I have never really felt happy and at peace. I have had happy times in my life, but never experienced being truly happy. I just went through the motions of life. I thought if I had a successful career, got married, had children (the 2 kids and house with a picket fence idealism….) I would feel complete, but I didn’t and my life turned upside down when we had kids. Being a mother changes everything and I really struggled to deal with all the changes. My son was a difficult baby and it certainly wasn’t the start to motherhood I had been expecting. Being a mother also dragged up many unhappy childhood memories and emotions for me that I didn’t want to deal with. Eventually I pretty much lost control. I was having emotional meltdowns on a daily basis and just exhausted from life (physically and emotionally). I didn’t have anything left to give and at my lowest point, didn’t want to live. I was hurting my family so much and knew I had to find an answer to why I was such a mess. I had all the symptoms of depression, but I knew I wasn’t depressed.

Thankfully I found Terri and she has changed my life through her work. Actually, she has probably saved my life. Terri, you are such a beautiful person and have found a unique way of healing which works and I believe will change many lives. Good luck with your work, you are amazing and thank you from the bottom of my heart.*

Karen Overcomes Chronic Fatigue

After living with Chronic Fatigue (CF) for over 8 months, in which time I’d tried many things to heal myself, I was given the advice to “find my peace with it”. Well, I was furious. How could I find my peace with something that was robbing me of my lifestyle and preventing me from being the mother and wife I wanted to be. Giving in wasn’t an option for me. My stubbornness was the only thing getting me through each day, without which, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. I’d wake up each morning feeling more tired than when I went to bed and was often distraught with thoughts of how I would get through the day.

When first “diagnosed” with CF, after blood tests showed that I’d had glandular fever and this was what caused my condition, I was struggling to even get out of bed and would need to lie down even after having a shower. I was incapable of looking after myself never mind my family and home. My mum moved in to help me and I decided to do a juice fast. I fasted for 21 days, got at least an hour of sunshine a day and even tried cold showers. It helped, I was able to manage things again by myself and mum was able to get back to her life. I was still exhausted though most of the time, often to the point of tears with everything overwhelming me very easily. I had no emotional resilience and so was cranky and crabby most of the time. Certainly not what my family deserved of me. By lunchtime I would need to lie down for an hour or so just to get through the afternoon. Any additional stress in a day (even minor irritations) could just wipe me out for the day. Even driving was stressful and I did not feel confident about driving very far anymore.

To say I was frustrated by this condition is an understatement, I was chronically fatigued all of the time, there is no better description. I had two young boys to take care of, which instead of being a joy was a constant struggle. Although CF wasn’t life threatening it was certainly lifestyle threatening and at some of my low points it was hard to tell the difference.

About a week after been given the advice to find my peace with CF, I received a call from Terri and she told me that she could “cure my chronic fatigue”. This was the most positive thing I heard from any of the many practitioners I’d seen and although I had my reservations, Terri gave me something that nobody else had been able to do, she gave me hope. I was excited about seeing Terri especially since she had explained to me that the problem was in my head! I’d been doing different things to treat my condition organically and although I’d had some improvements, nothing was pulling me out of the ‘fog’ I felt I was in.

I am ecstatic to say that Terri was right. In one session I was cured of CF. The body I dragged into Terri’s office was transformed within an hour. I couldn’t believe how immediate the healing was. I felt light and clear in my head and I also felt that I could run all of my way home. It was almost as if I’d dreamt up the previous 8 months of my life…it just didn’t seem to fit me anymore.

In the first two weeks since seeing Terri, I still needed my afternoon naps, but for a very different reason, it wasn’t my body tired as much as it was my head. So I’ve taken things slowly, increasing my activity as I felt I could. Now a month later, I feel better every day it seems. I am back to my old self. I have my vitality back and now the energy to live my life to its full. My whole family is so much happier. Thank you, thank you, thank you Terri.

*Please note that results may vary


Nicole Beats Mind Chatter & Negativity

Notes From Terri, Director, Brain Wellness Spa: I would like to share her experience from her distant healing. Nicole lives in Sydney NSW, Australia. I live in Perth Western Australia.

I would never have thought it was possible to be able to be emotionally healed from thousands of kilometres away but Brain Wellness Spa™ by Terri Bowman has done just that.

I met Terri in Singapore Airport 3 years ago and while we were chatting she offered me a mini session to help me overcome an emotional challenge that I was experiencing at the time. Her work back then was so amazing that I contacted her to discuss a few more areas that I required her help with.

She was excited to be able to offer me distant healing. If it wasn’t for the fact that I knew Terri, I would have thought this was impossible and a load of false promises… “DISTANT HEALING”…. “HOW COULD ANYONE OFFER DISTANT HEALING”.

Terri started her facilitation over the phone of Brain Wellness Spa™ , even as she was facilitating I didn’t know what to expect but after 15 minutes I could feel my mind becoming stiller and felt more calm and relaxed.

My mind was the most significant change that I had noticed. Instead of the constant chatter, it was free from mind chatter and negative self talk. I’m not stressed anymore, in fact I feel my highly strung self had just melted away. I am now able to be in the moment so to speak, or present to people’s conversations. My ability to cope with life has grown and I feel more self assured, confident and have more clarity about my life than ever before.

Would I recommend a Brain Wellness Spa™ session – the new me is a far cry from the old me. Terri mentioned that she could turn me back to the time just before our session started so I could feel what it was like to be the old me… the thought alone was enough to make me feel uneasy… the new me is so much more Joyful, Happy and Loving.

I was introduced to Terri in September 2009, by my wonderful friend Kylie. I was visiting from inter-state and Kylie recognised that I was having a hard time with life, and thought Terri could help.

To say I was sceptical would be an understatement! I was a work-a-holic (running my own business, with 5 staff in a stressful sales industry), overweight, unfit, high blood pressure, anxiety, and generally just not happy – what on earth could this ‘touchy feely’ stuff really do for me?

My first session with Terri was mind blowing. I still have difficulty putting it into words. I felt calmer and much more relaxed. My mind stopped running a million miles an hour and I could be happy living in the moment. The pain that had encompassed my entire body over the years was relieved. I had forgotten what it felt like to be without pain. I stopped feeling guilty at not being at work, and not being where others wanted me to be – and started to enjoy my break away.

Moreover, I started sleeping solidly thru the night!

My weekends used to be spent on the couch watching TV and sleeping – recovering from the hectic week. Not anymore….. I have energy now! I want to live life….

My Mum asked me the other day to explain ‘Brain Wellness Spa’ to her – I just asked her “do you want the Michelle from 6 months ago or the Michelle of today?” she responded….”oh no, we’ve gotten rid of her, this one’s much better”…. I have changed that much. My parents have noticed the biggest changes in me. My attitude has changed, the way I respond to events in my life has changed, I am not so angry with the world…. Terri has changed my life and the words ‘thank-you’ just don’t seem enough…. .and I am sure this is just the beginning.*


Michelle Overcomes Sleep Disorder

I was feeling tired, lethargic and had flu like symptoms…. Aching joints, dull headache that just wouldn’t go away…. Just wanted to curl up under the doona and sleep for a few days. Thought that there is no way I would be going to work, and my weekend was probably shot too. I had been getting increasingly run down all week, not sleeping well, waking up groggy, and dreaming a lot. Definitely not restful sleep.

After a ‘phone session’ with Terri – pain had eased from my joints and I felt relaxed. She suggested I have a hot shower and melt into bed, and that is exactly what I did! Best sleep I have had in weeks. And I woke up refreshed – oh what a feeling J ready to tackle the day ahead with a clear head. Cannot quite believe the change.*

Denise Beats Depressive & Anxiety Disorders

I had my first panic attack 26 years ago. This was to become a part of my daily life which created a cycle of debilitating depression and anxiety. My world was turned upside down. Worry, fear and sadness consumed me and I basically could not function. What followed were many years of consultations with various psychiatrists and counsellors. I tried many different medications until I was finally prescribed one that maintained my disorder and kept it partially under control. Although the medication did help me in many areas, my worry and fear continued to linger. With this in mind, 12 months ago I made the decision to cease my medication after 26 years. I discussed my decision with my GP who had his concerns about me withdrawing completely as he had treated me for the past 26 years and had seen me at my lowest when I was diagnosed with a Depressive/Anxiety Disorder. Although I completely understood his reluctance and concerns, I wanted to give it a go. My GP then guided me through the withdrawal process and had contingencies built into a plan which supported me to return to the medication if I ever felt like I was not coping. I believe the support of your GP or specialist is very important for anyone making the decision to stop medication.

Even with the support of my GP, I knew the journey I was about to undertake was not going to be smooth sailing and I of course was nervous about taking this step after 26 years of taking prescribed medication. I searched the internet looking for guidance as to how to make the medication withdrawal process easier and not too overwhelming. It was at this time I came across the Brain Wellness Spa. I was unsure what the BWS approach entailed but the the idea of having treatment without medication excited me. Trying something new was very daunting but I felt I had nothing to lose and hopefully a lot to gain. Phone contact with my facilitator before my first session eased my nerves and lessened any fears I may have had, so I set out to try and achieve my goal, and that was to withdraw from medication after being on it for 26 years.

My first session was somewhat remarkable. No invasive prodding or questions were asked and I was made to feel very welcome, safe and comfortable. As I moved through the programs I experienced many different emotions. I had good days and bad days, some so bad I felt the need to regress to my medication but found the strength to focus on the good days and the significant positive changes that I was experiencing.

My confidence and self-esteem was building, my intense fear and worry were lessening and a glimmer of hope and happiness was returning. As my sessions at the BWS progressed and the weeks passed by, a stronger, happier, more confident version of “ME’ emerged.

It would be remiss of me if I failed to mention my amazing facilitator, Kylie Butler, for her part in my journey. Kylie’s patience, guidance, care and kindness saw me through the challenging and difficult days. I could not have undertaken this journey without her amazing support. Throughout all of the times I was struggling and unsure, Kylie held the hope and constantly reassured me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. So right, she was. I am truly thankful and grateful. Her after session care and contact is something she should pride herself on as in all the years of seeing many counsellors, psychiatrists and doctors, I have never experienced care like this.

Thank you so much, Terri Bowman, for your continued work and the time you tirelessly give to creating these remarkable programs. They have made a positive impact in my life and the lives of so many people. May you continue to get more amazing at the work you establish and provide that has such a positive effect for clients like me that walk through your door.

I’ve come away from the BWS with many skills. The tools and knowledge shared will serve me so well and will be a great asset in maintaining daily challenges. I am so much more aware of the importance of self care and self worth and that I am enough, capable and worthy. The BWS made me see a better version of myself. I have come so tremendously far and am so thankful for where I am today.

The sun is shining again for me. I am finally in a joyful place where I feel safe in a world that 12 months ago terrified me. I am now medication free, leading a functional healthy life with a happier approach. It is truly the best investment I have made to my mental health.

Lara Beats Anxiety & Depression

I can’t recommend the Brain Wellness Spa enough! Their Emotional Empowerment program helped me through the worst anxiety and depression that I’ve ever experienced.*


Sophie Beats Severe Depression & Anxiety

I have been attending Brain Wellness Spa for just over 3 weeks now and my life has completely altered for the better. I have suffered on and off with severe depression and anxiety which would often affect my ability to work and socialise. Both my anxiety and depression has all but disappeared. I felt my clarity and focus return and my confidence and self-esteem has never been better. I feel able to be there for the people I love in my life. I feel real happiness and joy again, something I haven’t felt in months.*

HP Defeats Psychological Issues

I can’t recommend this place enough – Full of passionate professionals who really care about their clients. Their unique & effective methodology makes it all worthwhile. I’d seen 3 different psychologists over the past few years, and I was never able to address my issues effectively.*

Kenneth Beats Emotional Distress

Have you ever wanted somebody to just “fix you”? Well I did. And I experienced just that. The Brain Wellness Spa was hands-down the most holistic broad-spectrum emotional healing I’ve ever come across. On top of that, the therapy itself requires no effort on the patient’s part. How amazing! My default happiness baseline has shot up considerably. I’m having more content, calm and peaceful thoughts regarding all aspects of life. Any daily triggers or emotional upsets that do happen have 1/5 the intensity they used to have.*

Clayton Beats Anxiety & Depression

Highly recommend the Emotional Empowerment Program. I was suffering from anxiety and feeling pretty low. After reading the reviews I thought it was worth a go. During the first session I felt an enormous weight lift from my shoulders. I haven’t felt any anxiety since. I’ve gone from strength to strength during this program and feel more alive and content now than I have for years. This program really does work!!*


Alana Beats Work Anxiety

What an incredible journey I have been on with Kelly at the Brain Wellness Spa (she is amazingly warm and caring). I did the Emotional Empowerment program and did 10 or 11 sessions. It completely took me out of my fight or flight state that I was in for months. My anxiety has lessened so much! Before I would have scaled it a 8-9 out of 10 most days and now it sits at a 2-3 (depending on levels of stress etc). I would get a lot of anxiety surrounding my work and what is expected of me – this made the huge shift for me!!*


Nathan Gets Over Anxiety Disorder

The Brain Wellness Spa™ has become my happy place. I’ve seen incredible results with my anxiety and so happy to say that with the Brain Wellness Spa, exercise, meditation, reading & love and support I’m feeling better than ever. Before I found Terri and Brain Wellness Spa I had spent an absolute fortune on treatments that simply did not work. Almost without hope I gave Brain Wellness Spa a shot and I have never looked back. This approach is affordable and effective and I encourage you to try it. If you want to chat about my experience please call me on 0433004499 but please keep in mind I live in Perth, WA and be mindful of the time difference.*