How To Support Someone With Bipolar Disorder Listen To Your Loved One Without Judgement And Show Your Understanding

COVID-19 Update

In regards to the ongoing developments with the COVID-19 pandemic,  Blissiree™ have made it a priority to maintain the health and safety of our customers, staff and community.

In order to comply with social distancing and lockdown rules, Blissiree™ has closed it’s clinics in South Perth and Stirling.

The Blissiree™ recognises and understands the feelings of anxiety, distress and concern many people may be experiencing in relation to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Feelings of loneliness and isolation are at an all-time high and coping with lockdown is becoming increasingly difficult.

Phone Therapy Sessions (Virtual Visits)

In this time of uncertainty, taking care of your mental health has never been more important. Blissiree™ provides an alternative approach to the provision of mental health services, that aims to improve the quality of the lives of our clients. Try our introductory phone therapy session today, for just $79 and normally $220. Manage coronavirus anxiety today so you can feel the benefits of what Blissiree™ a can do for you.

Free Audio Program

Blissiree™ is pleased to offer a free audio program that will help you manage stress in lockdown. Our powerful Mindfulness audio program will have you drifting off into a peaceful place in just 10 minutes. Download the program here.

We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Stay safe and healthy and we hope to hear from you soon.