Can I book with Terri Bowman, Creator of the Positive Auditory Stimuli Technique, for a consultation?

Yes. Although I am not a qualified therapist, my deep understanding of how the unconscious brain behaves is an asset to my clients. For more than 16 years, I have worked with clients to heal from their mental illnesses. I have developed a passion for complex cases as it tests me to use my knowledge and understanding to help clients who are complicated to heal and recover from their mental illnesses. Some people do not fall into the typical treatment paradox, so the mental health system fails them. I like to delve deep into why their brain is struggling to heal and design the right treatment plan that best suits their needs.

The consultation fee is $230.00 AUD for an hour Consult and Session booking. The appointments are done via Telehealth, Virtual Visit (video link up), WhatsApp or Onsite. You can book online via our website, by calling us on 1300 884 348 or email and provide your contact details so we can contact you.

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