The Links Between Neck Pain, Headaches, Stress And Anxiety

Ways To Control Neck Pain And Headaches Caused Due To Anxiety

Massage: Getting a gentle massage helps in reducing pain. To find some relief, you can either do self-massage, or have someone else do it for you.

Stretching Exercises: stretching exercises can be easily done at the comfort of your home or workplace without any special equipment.

Yoga: Doing yoga for even a few minutes can considerably improve your general health and the ability to cope with stress.

Workplace Ergonomics: Using a headset for taking calls on your phone and keeping the monitor of your desktop or laptop at the proper position can save you from headaches.

Dealing With The Emotional Causes

These approaches can help you with the physical aspects of your anxiety. At Blissiree Pty Ltd, we have a specific process that could help you address the underlying emotional causes of anxiety.