How People Without Anxiety Issues Deal with Anxiety

How People Without Anxiety Issues Deal with Anxiety

Are you comparing yourself to people who always appear to have their lives under control? Do people who appear to not have anxiety issues frustrate you? Is anxiety plaguing your life to the point it affects you in negative ways?

When anxiety is a part of your everyday life, you may wonder how some people never seem to have anxiety affect their lives. What is their secret to deal with anxiety, or does it just not affect them? Anxiety affects everyone from time to time. Just because anxiety is something you have trouble dealing with does not mean you necessarily have a problem. But it does mean you need to find new ways of dealing with the anxiety that affects you, especially if it stops you living a full life. People without an anxiety problem have a different way of dealing with anxiety than you do. There are no secrets. You can learn the behaviour of people who appear to not have anxiety issues.

When you change your behaviour and perspective, you can change how anxiety affects you. Key Habits of People without Anxiety People who handle anxiety without allowing it to affect them, do things differently to you. And the good news is so can you. Learning new habits is the key. These are simple habits you can adapt to fit your life and you can start doing them right now. Over the long term you can only change how anxiety affects your life when you change how you deal with it. And even when you cannot control your anxiety, you can control how your react to it.

Here are five tips to help you change how anxiety impacts your life.

Drop your Expectations

When you struggle with anxiety, you make demands on how you feel. You may believe there is a right and wrong way to feel about certain things. For example, you may believe it is okay feel anxious before giving a work presentation, but it is not all right to feel anxious for no apparent reason. The truth is that you are an individual and will feel what you feel. There is no wrong or right way to feel about anything. Feelings are short lived and they are your feelings. How you feel does not define you. So avoid defining your feelings. Try not to tell yourself that you are sad or anxious. Definitely feel it in the moment, but know it will pass. Learn to accept it. Next time you feel anxiety take notice and accept it will pass. Do not make it a big deal. People without an anxiety problem do not have unrealistic expectations of themselves. They do not let their emotions define who they are and know they do not always have to feel calm. When they feel anxious, they do not make it a big deal. They do not let how they feel stop them from enjoying their lives. Instead they feel what they feel and continue doing and living in the moment.

Long-term Effects of Childhood Trauma as an Adult

As you probably already know, avoiding how you feel does not work. The more you try to shut out your anxiety, the more it persists. And the more you avoid things that cause you anxiety, the more it narrows your world and the more anxious you become. It is for this reason why you may need help to overcome anxiety. Instead of fighting your anxiety, accept it for what it is. Just let it be. Ride it out. Do not fight or try to avoid it. You will only make it worse. People without an anxiety problem still feel anxious at times. Everyone does. The difference between you and them is that they tend to ignore it or give it minimal attention. To them feeling anxious is not a problem so their anxiety soon disappears. So my message to you is to stop giving your anxiety any attention. Stop doing all things you do to avoid it. Do not feed it by fighting it. Keep going about your day normally and it will soon disappear.

Do Not Fear Uncertainty

The roots of all anxiety stems from uncertainty. When you feel anxious, it is usually a sign you fear uncertainty. This could be because you have a need to control everything that happens in your life. What you need to come to terms with is that you cannot control everything. There is always an element of uncertainty in life. And it would be boring without it. People without anxiety problems know they cannot ever know all possible outcomes of a situation. When they do not know what will happen, they accept this as making life more interesting instead of over analysing or planning for every outcome. They do not try to second guess the future. They understand this is impossible. Instead they stay focused on the present and enjoy life in the moment. And when they do feel uncertain about things, they do not worry too much about solving it. For them, it is all right to not always know what will happen.

Let Negative Thoughts Wash over You

There is no point fighting your negative thoughts. Let them wash over you instead. When you try to stop them you only succeed in giving those negative thoughts the stage front and centre. And if these thoughts are painful, you may do anything to put a stop to them. Even people who do not have anxiety problems have negative thoughts. The difference between them and you is they tend to just let them go. They give them no power. Rather than fighting their negative thoughts, they do not give them much thought at all. This means their negative thoughts have no power.

Keep On Keeping On

When in the grips on an anxiety attack, you may tend to think this is something you need to change. In fact you may even stop what you are doing to try to calm yourself down. So you may stop going out, seeing friends and family, and even going to work or exercising until the anxiety passes. All this does is lead to more anxiety and possible depression as you let anxiety paralyse you. It becomes a vicious circle that may continue over the long term if you continue to deal with anxiety this way. When people who do not have an anxiety problem feel anxious, they accept is a normal part of life. They do not let it affect them or stop them from doing anything. These people also have highs and lows in their lives. They feel sad and may have depression at times. But they keep moving forward without allowing fear to spoil what they planned or how they live their lives. They just keep on keeping on with their day as normal despite any anxiety they experience. By doing this, they stop anxiety from becoming an ongoing problem.

Blissiree Pty Ltd

Anxiety is difficult when you let it consume you. It can affect all parts of your life and your relationships if you let it. In fact, anxiety can become a habit if you let it. Sometimes all it takes is to change your perspective. This is not always easy without help. You may often wish you could handle anxiety just like those who seem to be calm all the time. But if it is out of control, you may need to seek help to help you break anxiety’s hold on you. Until you do something to help change the way you see yourself and the world, anxiety will continue to negatively impact your life.

The Blissiree Pty Ltd is pioneering a new technique. A natural treatment that may help you cope with the symptoms and triggers of anxiety and build your confidence. It only requires for you to relax. Highly trained facilitators help you learn to recognise the triggers and turn them around so you have a new perspective. This may help you take back control of your life. And you may notice an improvement after the first session. With some simple changes to your life, a new perspective and with practice, you may learn to put the way anxiety affects you into the past.

If your anxiety is out of control, it is time to turn it around. Time to do something positive. Seek help. Take back control. You do not have to go through it alone. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can start taking good care of your mental health. And get back to enjoying life.

Reach Out

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