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Client Case Study – How Ted Overcame PTSD, Anxiety And Depression With Help From Blissiree Pty Ltd

Chronic worry, otherwise referred to as anxiety, a very common mental health illness, can largely affect a person’s ability to partake in and enjoy their day-to-day life. Similarly, depression (or intense low mood or sadness) can drastically affect a person’s home life, work life and their relationships with others.

Our client Ted, a Vietnam War veteran who had suffered from PTSD since the 1970s, was largely struggling with anxiety and depression prior to attending Blissiree Pty Ltd after hearing about it from a local GP. Ted’s battles with his mental health saw him struggling significantly in both his personal and work lives.

We recently had a chat with Ted about his experience with anxiety and depression and how seeking help from Blissiree Pty Ltd has helped him to gain self-confidence, better manage any anger that arises and to live an overall happier life once more.

What was the biggest trigger of your mental health issues (anxiety, depression, anger or something else)?

Anxiety and depression, and the feeling of being useless.

What issues in your life do you feel most contributed towards your emotional wellbeing?

Military service and a lack of self-esteem.

Which area of your life was most affected by mental health? What did it stop you from doing or achieving?

Home life and work. It stopped me from receiving a promotion at work.

Can you describe the feelings and thoughts you experienced?

A feeling of worthlessness (“he is better than me”). Is it worth it?

What was the tipping point that made you speak up about how you were feeling and seek professional help?

I tried to commit suicide.

How did you hear about BWS?

From a local GP.

What questions did you have before first contacting Kylie / BWS?

Is it the same as all the other programs?

Why did you decide to try and give BWS a shot?

lt got to the point that something had to be done, I was in a deep hole, and had the feeling of “what’s the use?”. I had been there before.

Can you explain the process of going through the BWS Emotional Empowerment Program from the first session until now?

lt is hard to explain, it was different – a relaxing experience, a confidence builder. At the end of each session I would get to the end of the driveway and turn and ask myself “was it worth it?”. The answer was “yes”; if it had been “no”, I would not have continued with the program.

How did you feel after your first BWS session?

I felt at ease and had a firm belief that this course was different. I felt a desire to give it a go.

How did you feel after each session? Did you experience different emotions / feelings / relief after particular sessions?

I felt as though a load was being lifted off my shoulders. When I stopped questioning how it was doing anything and cleared my mind of doubt, I started to gain benefit from the course.

How many sessions did it take before you felt the real impact?


Did you feel additional effects in the days or weeks after you’d completed the program? Please describe any.

At the end of the regular sessions I felt that I was a better person; I regained my sense of humour, things at home were better and my anger abated. I felt that I wanted more, as there was a feeling of relief – as if the world is not such a bad place after all.

What specific tools, lessons or techniques has the program taught you that have helped control your mental health and emotional wellbeing?

Self-confidence and anger management.

What would you say to anyone suffering from what you suffered?

Give it a try – it worked for me, so why not you?

What would you say to someone sceptical about whether a program like BWS can help them?

You have to go in with an open mind, you have to want it to work. How do you know it won’t work if

you don’t give it a go?

Ted’s circumstances are not unusual, whereby he was battling both anxiety and depression before seeking help from Blissiree Pty Ltd. When left untreated, anxiety and depression can significantly impact a person’s relationships, career and overall happiness in a negative way.

If you are suffering from PTSD, anxiety and/or depression, it is vital that you seek professional help in order to be freed of the grip of these common mental health illnesses and to get back to enjoying life as much as possible.

If you or someone you love are suffering from PTSD, anxiety and/or depression, get in touch with our friendly team at Blissiree Pty Ltd to book your first session.