Client Case Study: How Sarah Bell Overcame Anxiety With Help From Blissiree Pty Ltd

Anxiety is characterised by chronic worry, and symptoms of anxiety can differ depending on the individual. Before hearing about Blissiree Pty Ltd from a colleague, our client Sarah Bell’s experience with anxiety saw her feeling angry all the time and finding herself very critical of others.

Sarah felt her anxiety was impacting both her family and work lives and came to the conclusion she had suffered long enough. After discovering she would not need to discuss her issues in detail, she decided to give professional from at Blissiree Pty Ltd a shot.

We sat down recently with Sarah to discuss her battle with anxiety and how receiving help from the Blissiree Pty Ltd has had a positive effect on her mental and emotional wellbeing.

What was the biggest trigger of your mental health issues (anxiety, depression, anger or something else)?


What issues in your life do you feel most contributed towards your emotional wellbeing?

Family and work.

Which area of your life was most affected by mental health? What did it stop you from doing or achieving?

My home and work lives.  It stopped me having a positive relationship with my family and feeling confident in empowering my daughter.

Can you describe the feelings and thoughts you experienced?

I was very angry all the time and was very critical of others.

What was the tipping point that made you speak up about how you were feeling and seek professional help?

Enough was enough, it was time to do something and be in a better place for my immediate family.

How did you hear about BWS?

Through a colleague.

What questions did you have before first contacting Terri / BWS?

How does it work?

Why did you decide to try give BWS a shot?

I was told I wouldn’t have to talk about my issues.

Can you explain the process of going through the BWS Emotional Empowerment Program, from the first session until now?

It was very daunting initially, but the reaction I experienced from the first session made me realise I had to continue. It has been a few months since I visited the BWS, but by using the Maintenance Program at home, I feel like I am continually improving and changing my way of thinking as a person.

How did you feel after your first BWS session?

Amazing – it was like a physical weight had been lifted off my shoulders, literally.

How did you feel after each session? Did you experience different emotions / feelings / relief after particular sessions?

I felt good about myself.

How many sessions did it take before you felt the real impact?

Three to four sessions.

Did you feel additional affects in the days or weeks after you’d completed the program? Please describe any.

Not particularly; although others saw a positive change in my day-to-day activities.

What specific tools, lessons or techniques has your treatment taught you that have helped control your mental health and emotional wellbeing?

I use the Maintenance Program on a daily basis to continue with the process.  It has taught me to think things through more before reacting and not be so critical of others.  I feel I am a calmer person now.

What would you say to anyone suffering from what you suffered?

Give BWS a go – you have nothing to lose.

What would you say to someone sceptical about whether a program like BWS can help them?

Try it – it’s a different approach that you will never have experienced before.

Sarah’s experience with anxiety is not unlike many of the clients we see at Blissiree Pty Ltd. Recognising you are experiencing a mental illness is the first step on your journey to managing and overcoming your anxiety.

Opening up to family and friends about what you are experiencing and ultimately seeking professional help is how you can learn strategies to free you from the holds of anxiety, and assist you in living a calm and more positive life once more. Get in touch with Blissiree Pty Ltd today, to book your first session and get you on your way to recovery from anxiety.