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Client Case Study – How Jodie Overcame Anxiety With Help From Blissiree Pty Ltd

Anxiety refers to chronic worry, unease or apprehensiveness about a certain situation, and is a very common mental health illness that can largely interfere with a person’s ability to lead a normal, happy life.

Before hearing about Blissiree Pty Ltd through a friend, Jodie’s* life was significantly impacted by anxiety. After missing out on a number of key events as well as classes and then ultimately having to cease ATAR studies altogether, Jodie decided it was time to seek professional help so she no longer had to miss out on the opportunities that came her way.

We recently caught up with Jodie to discuss her journey with anxiety and how seeking assistance from Blissiree Pty Ltd has helped her to remain calm and to effectively manage difficult situations when they arise.

What was the biggest trigger of your mental health issues (anxiety, depression, anger or something else)?

My biggest triggers for anxiety were (a) my own negative thoughts, and (b) the pressures/expectations I place on myself.

What issues in your life do you feel most contributed towards your emotional wellbeing?

Having a strict upbringing as a young girl.

Which area of your life was most affected by mental health? What did it stop you from doing or achieving?

Mental health immensely affected my entire high school life. It made me:

– miss a large amount of classes

– have to re-sit exams, and

– made me drop out of ATAR due to unbearable anxiety.

Can you describe the feelings and thoughts you experienced?

I felt a rush of warmth throughout my body, my heart would beat extremely fast, my heartbeat was loud, my whole body would shake, I would feel very claustrophobic and weak and I had negative thoughts running through my mind anticipating the worst.

What was the tipping point that made you speak up about how you were feeling and seek professional help?

After making me sacrifice a number of events throughout the years and stopping me from having a normal life, the tipping point for me was having to drop my ATAR studies due to anxiety. I then realised how serious the issue was becoming and that I could no longer allow it to control my life and make me miss such opportunities.

How did you hear about BWS?

Through a friend.

What questions did you have before first contacting Kylie / BWS?

How exactly the program worked and if it was effective.

Why did you decide to try and give BWS a shot?

Due to its high success rate and large amounts of positive feedback. It sounded like it was something that would give me a permanent solution to my problems, and also like something I was comfortable with.

Can you explain the process of going through the BWS Emotional Empowerment Program from the first session until now?

Every week I saw changes in my coping skills and behaviour and the improvements got more noticeable by the week. My anxiety lessened each day and I was able to control my emotions and thoughts better than ever.

How did you feel after your first BWS session?

I felt very at ease.

How did you feel after each session? Did you experience different emotions / feelings / relief after particular sessions?

I felt a huge relief after each session, I just felt very calm and grounded.

How many sessions did it take before you felt the real impact?

Two to three.

What specific tools, lessons or techniques has the program taught you that have helped control your mental health and emotional wellbeing?

To take a breather in any situations that arise, and to recognise the negative self-talk as soon as it begins and try to immediately subside it. It also taught me to not overthink situations and realise that the irrational fears I had of the outcomes of situations and thoughts of others towards me were not realistic or as serious as I imagined.

What would you say to anyone suffering from what you suffered?

You are not alone. I know everyone says that, and I used to roll my eyes at that, but believe it – you are not alone. It’s okay not to be okay, and it’s okay to admit it. Don’t be afraid to speak out and seek help, you can only benefit from it.

What would you say to someone sceptical about whether a program like BWS can help them?

Try it. I promise you you will not regret it. It has changed my life and lifted the biggest weight off my shoulders and replaced it with such great happiness and inner peace, as I hope it will for you.

Sadly, Jodie’s situation is not an uncommon one, with regards to the significant negative impact anxiety had on her day-to-day life and happiness. Identifying and understanding you are suffering from a mental health illness is a great first step on your journey to recovery. Seeking professional help is a pivotal part of your journey to a calmer and happier life, free from the holds of anxiety.

If you or someone you care about are suffering from anxiety, we encourage you to get in contact with our friendly team and book your first session, to get you on your way to feeling calm and happy once more.

*name changed for privacy purposes