Client Case Study How Bev Overcame Burnout with Help from Brain Wellness Spa

Client Case Study: How Bev Overcame Burnout with Help from Blissiree Pty Ltd

When a person is subject to stress over a lengthy amount of time, it may lead to physical, mental and emotional exhaustion. This situation is referred to as burnout. Burnout can lead to decreased life satisfaction, as a person may feel unable to achieve their day-to-day obligations or enjoy different activities as they normally would. Those who are considered to be “high achievers” can run the risk of falling in a heap and reaching a state of burnout, as this sort of person may take on more and more tasks and projects than they can possibly manage over time.

There are a number of different signs and symptoms of burnout, and one person’s experience with burnout may differ to that of the next person. Some of the key signs and symptoms of burnout include chronic exhaustion (central to all situations of burnout), sleeping difficulties or insomnia, an inability to concentrate and/or recall information, feelings of anger and irritability, decreased happiness and enjoyment, appetite changes (eating more or less than you normally would), a weakened immune system and reduced productivity.

In some instances where a person is experiencing burnout, they may also experience feelings of anxiety and/or depression, as was the case for our 50-year-old self-employed client Bev. Depression refers to intense low mood or sadness, and anxiety is characterised by worry, apprehensiveness and unease on a chronic basis.

When Bev first visited our team at Blissiree Pty Ltd, she was suffering from burnout coupled with feelings of anxiety and depression. Her stress levels were very high and she was experiencing a lot of negative thinking. Read on to discover Bev’s story and how Blissiree Pty Ltd has helped her to recover from burnout as well as feeling depressed and anxious.

What was the biggest trigger of your mental health issues (anxiety, depression, anger or something else)?

Primarily burnout. I was also feeling depressed, anxious and was having trouble sleeping (insomnia).

What issues in your life do you feel most contributed towards your emotional wellbeing?

I left my home country three years ago in order to bring my son to Australia, seeking better medical treatment opportunities for him. In doing so, I left a life I loved, my support network, my home and a successful business.

Over the past few years since arriving in Australia, I have experienced financial challenges associated with purchasing a new business, a relationship breakdown and the challenges of my son’s physical and mental health. I also experienced numerous traumas throughout my childhood.

Which area of your life was most affected by mental health? Can you describe the feelings and thoughts you experienced?

The issues mentioned above lead my brain to a state of burnout. When I first visited the Blissiree Pty Ltd I felt I wasn’t deserving of love. I was feeling stressed, anxious, negative, depressed and sad, and was battling with insomnia.

Can you explain the process of going through the BWS Emotional Empowerment Program?

On my third visit to Blissiree Pty Ltd I stated that this therapy is the new love of my life. I experienced a reduction in depression and sadness and felt increased calmness and positivity.

Did you feel additional affects in the days or weeks after you’d completed the program? Please describe any.

As the weeks passed, I encountered challenges within my business and personal life. However, despite these ups and downs my thinking remained positive. I felt strong and that I was continuing to get better and move forward with my life.

By the time I had finished the program, I also felt far less stressed than I did when I first came to Blissiree Pty Ltd.

What would you say to anyone suffering from what you suffered?

I’m so grateful to have found this therapy, it has changed my life!

Bev’s experience with burnout is not uncommon. Chronic stress when left untreated can lead to a person feeling physically, mentally and emotionally burnt out. Reaching out and talking with friends and family when you are feeling burnt out, anxious and/or depressed can be a great first step in your journey to recovery and regaining your mental health. Seeking professional help for your mental health illness can further assist you to free your mind of burnout, anxiety and/or depression and aid you on your way to a full recovery.

If you or someone you know is suffering from burnout (or anxiety/depression), get in touch with our friendly team today and book your first session.