Natural Treatments for Depression

Depression is much more complicated than unhappiness. Others looking from the outside in see ugly behaviour, a malingerer and someone emotionally unpredictable. And who wants to empathise with someone in such an unattractive state? But the truth is you have no control over how you are feeling.

Living in a serious state of depression, you become only a small part of yourself. You go through a range of negative emotions such as pessimism, guilt, self-pity and narcissism. Still today people find it hard to be empathetic towards someone suffering with depression. It takes a huge amount of understanding from friends and family.

Depression makes life incredibly difficult. As well as being mistaken as someone who can be miserable and a complainer, you may also be thought of as a little bit crazy. Seen as someone people cannot trust as an employee, parent or partner. So you add feeling enormous guilt and shame to the long list of torments that impact you when hit with depression.

Life becomes a contradiction. As much as you want your depression recognised, you tend to deny it because of the stigma attached.

So how do you cure depression?

Is depression curable?

Becoming cured of an illness means it goes away forever. You should never get that illness again. But there are some illnesses doctors cannot cure; for example, leukaemia. Once you receive a diagnosis you have it for the rest of your life. While there are treatments to improve your quality of life, there is no cure.

Depression and other mental health conditions are the same. But there are many effective treatments that lessen the symptoms. You can recover from depression and live a long, happy life when you receive the right treatment.

Keep Looking Forward

Treating depression is a journey where some days you move forward and others you stumble backwards. So to progress your treatment it is essential to take small steps forwards rather than trying to achieve perfection.

Relapsing, making mistakes and feeling exhausted is all part of the recovery process. When you stumble, look to discover why this happened. Identify any underlying triggers and address them. Keep looking forward but take the time to understand why sometimes you take a few steps backwards. What is most important for a successful treatment journey is to make progress. And you can use natural treatments to help you.

Natural Treatments to Help your Depression

Feeling depressed makes you miserable. And you may think you will always feel this way. But there is a lot you can do to fight to get your life back. Changing your lifestyle, the way you behave and think, and your level of activity are ways to treat your depression naturally.

Here are 10 tips to help you feel better that you can start right now.

1. Create a Routine

When you feel depressed, it is easy to let daily routines slip. All the structure in your life goes out the window. It is so easy for each day to melt into the next. Create a gentle daily routine to help you get back on track. It will also help you feel a sense of accomplishment every day.

2. Get Out and Exercise

Usually the last thing you want to do is get out and exercise when feeling down. But exercise is good for you. It temporarily boosts your endorphins, the feel good chemicals, so you feel better about yourself. It is an all-natural treatment that can help you fight the symptoms. You do not have to do a lot. Walk a few times a week, dance to your favourite song or walk your dog. Whatever you do, it is important to push yourself to exercise in some way several times a week.

3. Sleep Well

Depression can disrupt your sleep pattern. You may find it hard to sleep and not getting enough sleep can make your depression worse.

So how do you get enough sleep? Start by making changes to your routine. Try going to bed and getting up at the same every day. And avoid napping during the day. Remove all the distractions from your bedroom—no computer, phone or television. Leave them elsewhere in your home. Also turn off all electronic devices at least half an hour before going to bed.

4. Eat a Heathy Diet

Eating processed foods high in fat and sugar will not help your depression. Often depression can make you reach for the junk food so you end up overeating. But if you get your eating under control, you may feel better.

Tray eating a healthy diet. Foods such as tuna and salmon rich in omega-3 fatty acids and the folic acid in avocados  and spinach can help ease the symptoms of depression.

5. Set Goals to Achieve

Depression steals your desire to reach for the stars. And this is because you probably feel incapable of accomplishing anything. But this will only make you feel worse. It is important to move forward by setting yourself daily goals to achieve.

Start with small goals that are easy to accomplish. Things like doing the dishes, washing the clothes or gardening. As you start to feel better about yourself, add more challenging goals every other day.

6. Avoid Illicit Drugs and Alcohol

Avoid illicit drugs and alcohol when depressed. While you may think they take the emotional pain away, they will only end up making you feel worse. The misuse of these types of substances is quite common among those with depression. Often people use them to dull the symptoms. Depression can co-occur with their use. And it is not clear whether alcohol and using drugs causes depression. But using them long term can sometimes lead to mental health conditions.

7. Challenge your Negative Self-talk

Negative self-talk can be a hard part of your fight against depression. So it is important you change the way you think about yourself. When depression takes hold, you think the worst about yourself, and everything and everyone around you.

Challenge your negative self-talk. Use logic to question the negative thoughts. If you are telling yourself that you are useless, ask yourself if this is really true. Think of all the times you succeeded at something no matter how small. Or you may be telling yourself that no one cares about you. But is there any evidence of that? It is not easy challenging your negative self-talk. It takes practice. Make a conscious effort to catch those negative thoughts and challenge their validity before they do too much damage.

8. Keep up with Daily Responsibilities

When under the influence of depression, you have the tendency to drop all your responsibilities. You may just want to be left alone so you withdraw from the world. Avoid doing this for you will only make how you feel worse. No matter how hard it is, push yourself to maintain your daily responsibilities at work and at home. While working full-time may be too difficult, try at least working part time. Maintaining your responsibilities will give you a sense of accomplishment which can help you feel better about yourself.

9. Try New Things

Feeling depressed means you are in a rut. It is important you push yourself to do different things. Read a good book sitting on a beach. Meet a friend for a coffee in your local coffee shop. Volunteer to help people at your local nursing home. Learn a new skill.

By doing something new you alter your brain’s dopamine levels which gives you enjoyment and pleasure.

10. Work at Having Fun

Making time to have fun can be the last thing you feel like doing when depressed. Nothing may seem like it is fun anymore. This is a symptom of depression so it is important to keep trying. Believe it or not, you have to work at having fun. No matter how much you do not want to, plan to do the things you once enjoyed and made you feel good about yourself. Go out for dinner with friends. Take a walk on the beach. Go to the movies.

Although you do not feel line doing these things, once you do you will look back and wonder why you tried to avoid them. You will realise you really can have fun.

Blissiree Pty Ltd

Suffering with depression can make life difficult. And it may turn into a nightmare when it is out of control. It can affect all parts of your life and relationships. You can also risk your depression affecting the lives of your children.

You may often wish your depression would just go away. But if it is out of control, you may need to seek help to break its hold. Until you do something to change the way your feel, depression will continue to negatively impact your life.

The Blissiree Pty Ltd is pioneering a new technique. A natural treatment that may help you cope with the symptoms and triggers of depression. It only requires for you to relax. Highly trained facilitators help you learn to recognise the triggers and how to manage them to give you a new perspective. This may help you control your excessive worrying and feelings of depression. And you may notice an improvement after the first session.

If depression affects your daily life, it is time to turn it around. Time to do something positive. Seek help. Take back control. You do not have to go through it alone. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can start taking good care of your mental health. And get back to enjoying life.

Reach Out

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