9 Tips to Turn Anxiety into a Superpower

How we react to stress is instinctual. Your heart starts pounding, you breathe faster and your muscles tense up. This prepares you to quickly respond to possible life-threatening situations. When you perceive there is danger, your sympathetic nervous system releases a shot of energy to prepare you for fight or flight. But if you have an anxiety disorder, you have persistent, excessive, intense fear and worry about daily situations. This is the key element of anxiety.

These feelings about everyday situations can cause havoc with your daily life. You may begin to avoid situations or activities that trigger these intense feelings. They are difficult to control and are not in proportion to any actual danger. Every decision may become make or break when your anxiety is about success or failure, your performance or ability to achieve. It can become difficult to judge simple daily situations.

But there is another way. Have you ever considered your anxiety in a positive way? Turn your anxiety into superpowers.

Alright, I hear you thinking, positive, superpowers? Yes. All you need is to change your perception. Change how you see yourself and the world around you. Just think about it. Many of the habits anxiety causes are actually good qualities when you think about them differently. Trying to manage anxiety means you develop relational, process-based and time-dependent skills to help you cope. These skills are a real strength and of use in all parts of your life. And remember, it is your resilience and you that developed these skills.

Discover the Hidden Superpowers inside Anxious Behaviours

Everyday there are people who turn their anxiety into superpowers. It is all about your mindset and perception. Here are nine ways to help you to turn your anxiety around.

1.    Embrace the Unfamiliar

Everything in life is a risk, so it is natural to often feel anxious. Without risk you would never push yourself past your comfort zone. And your self-development would never grow. You may misinterpret the intensity of anxiety and excitement as negative. But no. Learn to embrace the unfamiliar. For true happiness in life, you have to push through what makes you anxious and uncomfortable. How often has the fear of the unknown made you anxious but when you push through you wondered why you were anxious? The more often you push through anxiety, the easier it gets. And your confidence, trust in yourself and success grows.

2.    Listen to your Intuition

Have you ever considered that when feeling anxious it is your gut instinct or intuition at work? Often you instinctually know the right answer as it makes you pay attention by making your feel anxious or fear. Fear makes you take notice. So when experiencing intense emotions the best way to react is to slow down. Give the negative feeling the fleeting attention it demands. When you ignore these types of emotions or react to them impulsively, the more impulsive you become in your decision making. You know you do not have to react immediately. So take a moment. Slow down. Take the opportunity to make the best decisions.

3.    Vigilance is a Gift

Anxiety can make you become hypervigilant. And oh what a gift and powerful tool when you use it to sense what is happening in your environment. It helps you to better read the people around you. When you feel anxious you become more perceptive and sensitive to the subtleties people unconsciously display. This can give you insight into their character and whether to trust them or not. Vigilance is a true gift when you want to predict or assess the behavioural patterns of others. This can help you make better decisions about how and who you communicate with, who you choose as friends and partners, and who you are close to and who to exclude from your life.

4.    Unleash your Power of Creativity

Think about how creative you are when dealing with anxiety. It gives you the ability to detect and predict all types of emotional danger. Consider this. You use of the power of your creativity to generate every possible scenario that may occur in a moment, hour or a day. And you do it all in your mind. You can use this creative ability in other areas of your life. Some you may not even be aware of. Now think about pervious assignments, presentations or projects and how anxiety pushed you to the very limits of your creativity. Your creativity is instinctual and exists independently of the anxiety you feel.

5.    Channel your Nervous Energy

Channelling the nervous energy that anxiety generates can be incredibly powerful and productive. You can use it to focus on multitasking. For fulfillment and happiness you need quick, flexible and open focus. If you make a mistake, you need to be able to switch focus to continue. Active energy is attractive to others and contagious. So when you channel your nervous energy into being productive, others find it inspirational and strive to emulate your example.

6.    Pressure is Positive

Pressure is a positive thing. Have you ever noticed that when under pressure you are on high alert? Your mind and body automatically respond and you go into fight or flight mode as it feels like your survival (promotion, relationships, reputation, job interview) is at stake. If you see this as negative, try changing your perception. Instead see anxiety as the fuel or energy you need to survive. Pressure pushes and provokes you into action. When you procrastinate, you can unconsciously allow the pressure to build until you have no choice but to perform or there will be negative consequences.

7.    Time becomes an Asset

Time becomes an asset the more anxious you feel. It becomes more valuable so you tend to spend your time more responsibly. This can also mean you show more respect for others’ time. A large part of anxiety is your desire to make a good impression and do your best. You want to feel valued, be the best you can be and seen as essential. Feeling anxiety can make you uncomfortable which is often what you need to achieve your best. It is like an internal alarm clock that makes you good at managing time.

8.    Channel Anxiety into Innovation

Do you find your thoughts bouncing around from one topic to another when anxious? The more your thoughts bounce, the better capacity you have to be innovative. Take notes on your phone to record your ideas and thoughts. Do not judge or analyse them. Once you write them down, you can read and think about them with more clarity. It helps you to sort the relevant from the irrelevant so you can use the best ideas for the most benefit.

9.    Change your Self-talk

When you are anxious, it makes you doubt yourself. And your negative self-talk can kick in to high gear. So instead of letting it pull you down, use it to get in touch with the positivity hidden inside. It is tough working through your doubts and fears. But refute the negative self-talk that can be a habit anxiety causes. When your anxiety levels go through the roof, your self-talk can be babbling on in its negative element. So turn it around into a superpower to push you to move though it and forward. Once you take that next step you will feel relief and it will grow your confidence to use your self-talk to take step after step. Just take a step at a time and you will succeed.

Remember, anxiety is a fact of life for everyone. It is how you use it that matters. Use it as a superpower and it will drive your life forward. Make you want to achieve more in your life and expect better from others. But be beware. Use the word anxiety sparingly. Instead use it to superpower your life and live life inspired instead of letting it hold you back.

Blissiree Pty Ltd

Turning your anxiety into a superpower can be difficult. When you are used to worrying about everything, and even worrying about worrying, it can become a hard habit to break. But you cannot turn anxiety into a superpower over night and you may need to seek help.

Your anxiety may be out of control when you only ever expect the worst outcomes. If you do not prioritise treatment, it will continue to escalate. Until you do something to help change the way you see the world, anxiety will continue to negatively impact your life.

The Blissiree Pty Ltd is pioneering a new technique. A natural treatment that may help you cope with the symptoms and triggers of anxiety. It only requires for you to relax. Highly trained facilitators help you learn to recognise the triggers and how to manage or turn them into superpowers. This may help you take back control of your life. And you may notice an improvement after the first session. With some simple changes to your life, and with practice, you can learn to cope better.

If you are worrying excessively and your anxiety is out of control, it is time to turn it around. Time to do something positive. Seek help. Take back control. You do not have to go through it alone. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can start taking good care of your mental health. And get back to enjoying life.

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