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  • Has depression stolen the joy from your life?
  • Do you feel worthless even when someone praises you?
  • Do you feel like a failure as a friend and a family member?
  • Are you stuck in a world of hurtling negative thoughts with no escape?
  • Living in a serious state of depression, you become only a small part of yourself.

Living in a serious state of depression, you become only a small part of yourself.

Looking from the outside all others may see is ugly behaviour, a malingerer, someone emotionally unpredictable. So they find it difficult to continue to empathise with someone in such an unattractive state. It takes a huge amount of understanding from friends and family. The truth is you have no control over how you are feeling.

Depression makes life incredibly difficult. As well as being mistaken as someone who can be miserable and a complainer, you may also be thought of as a little crazy. Seen as someone not to trust as an employee, parent or partner. So you add feeling enormous guilt and shame to the long list of torments that impact you when hit with depression.

Life becomes a contradiction. As much as you want your depression recognised, you tend to deny it because of the stigma attached.

My Emotional Empowerment Program can help chase depression out of your life.

Get immediate relief for free. Download the Blisseree app and experience inner peace, no ruminating and no negative thoughts. In 30 minutes feel calmer, and experience relief from your emotional pain and suffering.

Blissiree is a game changer

Blisseree is a game changer. Access the help you need from your own home or wherever you are from your phone. No longer wait for an appointment or waste time in traffic. Blisseree travels with you 24/7.

For more than 16 years Blissiree founder and CEO, Terri Bowman, has successfully helped people with all types of mental health issues. Her success rate is 98% of people seeing a change in their symptoms after the first session.

Terri Bowman

Terri back this with verifiable evidence, recently published in the European Journal of Medical and Health Sciences. A peer-reviewed study examined data from 535 patients who underwent the Emotional Empowerment Program. Importantly, in-person and virtual patients both reaped benefits from the program. Listen to what Dr Karen Vieira says about Terri’s work.

Terri’s auditory stimulation technique has given thousands of anxiety sufferers relief from depression. Now they live a life free of emotional suffering, anxiety, depression, worry and stress. Life is full of hope and renewed joy and happiness.

Emotional Empowerment Program

The Emotional Empowerment Program is the first of its kind in the world. It is a drug-free positive auditory stimuli technique developed by Terri. This is Terri’s signature mental health and wellness program. Perfect if you are dealing with depression.

This life-changing audio program has pre session audios, lessons, tips and activities with each healing session. Complete these to help to better understand your emotions, feelings and behaviour. They support you in becoming a better version of you .

  • Listen to the pre session audio you receive at least 2 hours before each healing sessions.
  • It prepares your brain for each session. Listening to your healing session is best at night while drifting off to sleep. Turn the volume down low on your phone so it does not disturb you or your partner.
  • Darken the room if doing your sessions during the day. And make sure there are no distractions. Close your eyes until the music ends during each pre session and healing session audio.
  • Complete the progress reports throughout the program to track improvements.
  • Use your Boost Library membership nightly between sessions to boost the benefit of each healing session.

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Before deciding whether the program is right for you, try the free introductory session. You will receive a pre session audio, so make sure you listen to the audio at least 2 hours before your healing session.

Your free introductory session may give you between 24 and 72 hours relief from your symptoms. This will give you the confidence to invest in the life-changing Emotional Empowerment Program.

Free Support

Free, unlimited online support from qualified mental health facilitators is available when you have questions. You can also book in them for Telehealth appointments (fees apply).

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Blue Rain Documentary

Watch Blue Rain – PTSD The Silent Suffering to see
how the Emotional Empowerment Program helps.

FIFO Worker Struggling with Mental Health | Phone Sessions

David was struggling with his mental health and could barely leave the house. His friend came by to help him out and referred him to Brain Wellness Spa. David his had half sessions in our Spa and the other half via our virtual visits. The difference David felt after only a few sessions was remarkable.

Everything changed

Living through depression, addiction, eating disorder. The Brain Wellness Spa changed everything.
The Emotional Empowerment Program does not replace your mental health professional. If you are at risk of self-harm, we advise you to contact your nearest crisis care support centre.