Sarah’s Struggle with Self Esteem

Sarah’s Struggle with Self Esteem


Sarah had struggled for many years with low self esteem and was often triggered by feelings of not being enough. She had experienced prior marital trauma that left her with a loss of belief in herself and she struggled to find confidence in her abilities.

Sarah felt that her mental health was affecting all areas of her life from inability to find motivation to relationships to securing and living a meaningful life. This left her feeling empty inside, a bit lost and not really knowing her place in the world. She had many questions arising in her mind…

“What do I want from this point?”

“Where is life going for me?”

This left her feeling sad, unable to sleep well, overthinking everything and constant  mind chatter.

After feeling sick and tired of not experiencing joy when she had plenty of reasons to feel joy, Sarah made a decision to find it, stop worrying and start being grateful. It was the tipping point that made her speak up about how she was feeling and seek help.

She’d heard of the Brain Wellness Spa through an advertisement in the car and then began to research. Before attending she watched some YouTube videos of people who had previously tried this and just had to find out more. She was skeptical but her questions were mainly around how it was possible. She wanted to know more and booked in after reading that you could try the first session for free before committing. After that first session her mind was quiet, clear and the feeling of rest for the mind was indescribable.

From the first session, Sarah felt a freedom in her mind for the first time in years. She liked that there was no delving into the past, instead putting on the headphones and experiencing a deep sense of relaxation which was deeper than she had ever experienced before. This left her feeling intrigued to go on the journey. She recalls not remembering as an adult ever feeling as peaceful as she did after the first session.

The program took her through the sessions of what she described as unravelling her thoughts. She incorporated another two Spa menu programs after the Emotional Empowerment Program for which she felt were very relevant to her at the time. Each time Sarah felt better and better.

Sarah described that the differences in her were subtle at first. She just began to notice how she conducted herself – in confrontation, social settings, making her needs clear, putting herself first, showing herself respect and self love and most importantly; the grateful feeling she had for everything and everyone in her life.

In the days or weeks after she completed the program, Sarah felt more calm, more focused and was able to think differently and achieve better outcomes consistently. Sarah had so much more compassion and understanding for herself.

Sarah keeps a gratitude journal now and writes in it every day. She reports loving life now as she feels she is a better version of herself having done the program. It was an investment in herself and when she thinks of all the things She has spent money on over the years, concluded that this for her was one of the highest value. It gave her life back to her.

Sarah felt that the first session opened the door to her to trust the process. Her advice was to try not to articulate it in the mind but to just trust it. With her initial sessions she felt relaxed and peaceful and strong as if whatever happened she could deal with it. It was a feeling of empowerment and being in the driving seat of her own life which she found liberating and made her realise that she has a choice in every moment – to flare up into a state of anger and confusion or breathe, think about things and then respond and not react. Sarah did not find it easy but saw that she could take a step backwards with awareness and gratitude and then things could change.

The program taught her to be more kind to herself. It taught her patience and understanding of others, not to be too judgmental and that life is difficult at times. Self love and care are essential and not the least bit selfish. It taught her to step out of her comfort zone and live fully and brightly and that gratitude was the greatest of all.

When asked what she would say to anyone suffering from what she suffered, Sarah said,

“I would say trust that you can feel and behave better. Embrace it even though you don’t understand it and immerse yourself fully into the process with no expectation and just allow the transformation to happen.”

To someone sceptical about whether a program like Brain Wellness Spa can help them she responded,

“I would say if you have talked to therapist until you are blue in the face, if you have gone over and over trying to understand why certain things have happened in your life – then this is for you. You learn to stop mind chatter and you stop blaming.  You are taking responsibility to improve yourself. The rest just flows. It has been amazing for me.”