Sarah – 33 Years Old

Sarah – 33 Years Old


When Sarah, aged 33, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was was suffering with anxiety, depression and parental stress syndrome. She was struggling with the major life change of no longer working, instead staying at home to raise her baby. She felt like she was constantly living in her head, thinking of useless stuff that would disturb her brain and cause her to become negative.

Sarah reported that when her anxiety kicked in she felt like she was “falling down a rabbit hole and couldn’t control [her] brain”. She was unable to pinpoint when she felt like her problems started, but was aware that her stress levels increased with the reality of looking after her baby.
Before attending her sessions she had self-medicated with sleeping tablets in an attempt to lower her cortisol levels at night in order to sleep. Additionally, she had turned to alcohol and other drugs in an attempt to switch off her brain. These methods failed, an in turn increased her anxiety and mind chatter as a result of weakening the neurons in her brain.

The week following her initial session Sarah reported that she felt good. When asked what good meant to her she said she felt her “mind had slowed down”, she was feeling “more present” and was now “able to appreciate the small things in [her] life again”. This was because she was no longer distracted by the constant flow of negative thoughts and was therefore able to engage properly in the world around her.

By week two Sarah advised she was no longer emotionally affected by previous triggers that used to upset her. She felt this was because her brain wasn’t attaching into the triggers she used to previously. After completing the eight step Emotional Empowerment Program, Sarah confirmed she appreciated both herself and her life again. She was now enjoying the time spent with her baby at home and and felt happy. She was no longer hindered by anxiety or suffering with negativity.