Pete – 48 Years Old

Pete – 48 Years Old


When Pete, aged 48, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa he was struggling to control his frustration and anger towards others. Pete had been involved in a car accident two years prior to commencing his program and believes it was this incident that had an impact on his brain and changed his persona.

During the accident he remembers hitting his head, but no official brain injury was found. However, he was very aware that something wasn’t quite right as he started to become very intolerant and short tempered, vague, attached into stress more and found life difficult to cope with. Additionally, he found himself feeling very emotional, crying frequently and experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression regularly.

Prior to attending Pete was skeptical about what he would achieve, but after finishing his first recoding session he reported that he was very aware that his brain felt different. He said he felt like his brain had been emptied and that his mind chatter had gone. All Pete’s indicators were successfully changed after his first session and he confirmed that he could not emotionally attach Into his previous traumas, instead his mind was blank and he felt neutral when attempting to think about them.

One week after his initial session he continued to notice his brain behaving differently, specially because he hadn’t been losing his temper at small things that would usually trigger him. Pete also reported a greater sense of calmness, that his sleeping had improved and that he was feeling less stressed in general.

As he progressed through the program, he reported not attaching into environmental triggers that were out of his control. Plus, feeling more positive due to less negative thoughts and thinking. After session four Pete reported that he no longer experienced feelings of loneliness, being isolated, unhappiness, desperation, unable to cope with life, hopelessness, being unloved, being unwanted, giving up on life, or never having a better life. This indicated that his perceptions, that make up his constructed reality inside his mind, were now healthy.

After completing the Emotional Empowerment Program Pete was no longer struggling to control his temperament of anger and aggression. He reported that he was now able to control his emotions and respond to others in a rational manner. Furthermore, that he’s continued to be successful at not letting circumstances that are out of his control impact on him negatively. Peter stated he was now able to look at things from a different perspective, giving him the ability to easily detach himself from stress. “ The Brain Wellness Spa has made a definitive change in me and my life.