Overthinking Everything Was Liam’s Life

Overthinking Everything Was Liam’s Life


Liam came to see us for anxiety and depression. When he initially came to see us he was really struggling with creating an inner environment where he could thrive.

Liam had been struggling with bouts of depression for many years; always worrying about what others thought of him. Liam would generally describe himself as very sensitive and a massive over thinker. Anxiety had been a driver of his emotional well-being due to all the overthinking and catastrophising that was occurring.

Anxiety continually impacted his thoughts about others and always looked for reassurance and validation from external sources. Liam felt that his way of being was to invest in everything and everyone but himself. This only led to state of living in survival, a fight-flight response.

Liam started the Trauma protocol followed on by self esteem and confidence .

Liam was very sceptical about the work and his journey and had continued questions all throughout which were most welcomed by his facilitator.

In the first three session Liam’s indicator’s improved drastically. Here is a snapshot from session 1 to session 4.

Stress 7 –> 4 (Decreased by 3)

Anxiety 7 –> 7 (Stays same)

Depression 7 –> 6 (Decreased by 1)

Feeling Flat 9 –> 2 (Decreased by 7)

Moods 8 –> 4 (Decreased by 4)

Fatigue 10 –> 3 (Decreased by 7)

Fear 5 –> 4 (Decreased by 1)

Insomnia 9 –> 0 (Decreased by 9)

Aggression 6 –> 0 (Decreased by 6)

Hate 7 –> 0 (Decreased by7 )

Emotionally Reactive 8 –> 4 (Decreased by 4)

Negative Attitudes 6 –> 1 (Decreased by 5)

Negative Thinking 9 –> 2 (Decreased by 7)

Liam’s journey was an up and down one. Though, he could see how things were shifting for him; having a more peaceful mind set, not holding onto things as tight as he would have previously.

Right up to session 12 Liam still carried an air of scepticism, despite seeing massive improvements. Liam commenced his journey with intensive sessions (4 per week) to gain a sense of stability. And, because things were changing for him, he struggled to accept and even trust what was occurring. Liam was an active participant in his journey and took responsibility for how he looked after himself, and what he engaged outside of the sessions.

Prior to the end of the program Liam got himself onto the home maintenance program before starting the self-esteem and confidence.

It was here that Liam noticed the biggest difference. Liam felt a sense of sound mental health, But, he felt he was taken to a different level mentally with the self-esteem and confidence.