Mary – 30 Years Old

Mary – 30 Years Old


When Mary, aged 30, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was burnt out from stress and suffering with anxiety. “I entered this wellness centre a very anxious, stressed person who over thought every situation”. She advised that her anxiety had became so bad that she was suffering panic attacks, vomiting and struggled to breathe at times. Additionally, that she would become very attached and tunnel visioned by her irrational thoughts, which caused her to over think and constantly worry.

Unfortunately for Mary her brain was in burn out, everyday was a struggle for her. Her anxiety was so severe that she was in a constant sense of fear, resulting in significant ‘mind chatter’, whereby her mind was bombarded by irrational and unwanted thoughts. Mary believes her anxiety first started at a young age when she was bullied by peers in primary school.

After finishing her first recoding session, we successfully changed all Mary’s indicators. Whereby she no longer felt stressed, anxious, mind chatter was gone, as well as her worrying thoughts. Instead her brain felt relaxed, calm, lighter and empty. She could also no longer emotionally attach into her previous traumas. For this reason she walked out smiling, feeling more positive and hopeful of her future.

As Mary continued through the program, she noticed that the circumstances around her life had become more stressful, however was aware she was coping with it more effectively, as the stress did not impact on her as much. She noticed her panic disorder and anxiety symptoms weren’t as intense and that they occurred less frequently. Also that her anxiety came and went quickly instead of being around consistently.

By session five Mary reported that she had been feeling great. She reported not experiencing any real anxiety since her last session. Furthermore, that she had been more present and focused on her life, hadn’t been attaching into stress or over thinking situations before hand. At session six Mary said she “feels like a normal person”, and that she never expected to feel so good. She reported no issues or struggles and was very aware that her usual triggers weren’t impacting on her.

After completing the Emotional Empowerment Program Mary no longer struggles with panic disorder or anxiety. Mary has continued to feel great in her mental health, reporting that her anxiety is under control and that she is loving the results. In fact she has enjoyed the program so much she decided to continue on with further sessions to reach her ‘emotional peak’.