Jenny – 36 Years Old

Jenny – 36 Years Old


When Jenny, aged 36, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she was suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks.  “I had been struggling with anxiety for a while when I hit a wall and didn’t know what to do next. I was nervous all the time, scared even, terrified to speak in front of people, stressed about everything and generally not in the best place”.

Her brain was in crisis mode, constantly in a sense of fear, resulting in a constant sense of worry, mind chatter and unwanted thoughts. More specifically, her fear was in relation to driving over bridges after seeing a tragic news story on television. After viewing this story Jenny would have a panic attack upon realising she was close to a bridge and would have to pull her car over. As a result, Jenny was constantly having to prepare travels plans for the day to ensure she would not need to utilise any bridges, thus adding significant time delays to her daily travels.

After finishing her first recoding session, Jenny reported that she could no longer emotionally attach into her previous traumas. That her brain felt lighter and empty and that her mind was very quiet. Additionally, she reported no longer feeling anxious, or having worrying thoughts and that her problems no longer worried her.

As she progressed through the program, she noticed big improvements, including no panic attacks and less physical anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, her anxiety became duller and she noticed herself recovering from any stress/anxiety quicker. Jenny was delighted when she managed to drive over a bridge without having a panic attack within a few weeks of beginning her sessions.

By week six Jenny reported that she had achieved her brain goals of relief from anxiety, a more positive outlook, self empowerment and stress reduction. That her mind had remained peaceful and she was not not bothered by mind chatter. After completing the Emotional Empowerment Program Jenny was no longer struggles with anxiety or irrational thoughts. She reported “I feel more confident, the mind chatter has all but disappeared and I truly believe I can now be the best version of myself. I cannot thank you enough Ryan and the Brain Wellness Spa for getting me back on track”