Jane aged 70 presented at BWS due to her anger levels and irritability. Jane had no diagnosed illnesses and no trauma history.

Jane felt that nothing she tried made a difference in making her feel calm. The anger and irritability in her life presented over time as anxiety. Jane found it difficult to get out and about in her day without being reactive to other people’s behaviours.and generally just felt unhappy with herself and current circumstances.
Over time this led Jane to feel isolated and lonely. Jane just wanted to find her place , Jane wished to find calm in her life and develop a better sense of self esteem .

Jane embarked on the emotional empowerment program and acing acceptance . Session two saw Jane feeling more relaxed in daily life and had become so much less reactive than normal. Jane was astounded by the calmness she had found so quickly. Jane loved the audios that were delivered prior to her sessions and found these very helpful in terms of keeping calm, relaxing and supporting her mental state.

Session 5 saw a drop in all emotional indicators by 60%. Jane was feeling happy in herself, and reported feeling so glad she started the program.

Jane feels like what she deemed as every day irritations not bothering her the way they had previously. Jane’s anger levels have been greatly reduced. Jane feels like she is handling everyday stressors much better than before starting the program.