Jade was Moody, Angry and Depressed

Jade was Moody, Angry and Depressed


Jade presented to Brain Wellness Spa with a combination of  anxiety, anger and depression. Jade felt as though a lack of security and trust in her relationships were contributing toward her emotional conditions. Jade records pushing people away and testing her partner with outbursts just to see if he’d keep coming back.

These conditions were affecting her own happiness and left her feeling like every day was ‘groundhog day’.

Jade wasn’t happy and felt as though she wasn’t able to live her life the way she wanted to, debilitated by her mental health. Jade reported feelings of extremely low moods, crying for no reason, and being constantly triggered into either screaming or crying from mundane things.

“I would work myself up to the point of being very upset prior to social events, isolating myself”, Jade told us.

Before coming to the Brain Wellness Spa Jade had tried a variety of counselling services over the years which hadn’t helped. Jade wanted to give Brain Wellness Spa a try because she wanted to save herself and her relationship. Jade came to her first session with very low expectations,

“I thought I was going to feel the same afterwards, and nothing would help me. And that was probably a good thing now that I look back. I went in feeling very low and came out feeling very high. It’s a very calm and relaxing environment and I continue to feel better after each session.”

Jade describes her experience of our proprietary technique as a very relaxing brain massage which left her calmer, with a quieter mind and happier mood. During her sessions Jade says she felt as though her body had taken a big breath, relaxed and felt lighter.

Jade says the effects of the sessions are starting to last longer and longer,

“I feel less irritable and less anxious majority of the time.

And, the sessions I continue to have, are like a booster for me.”

Jade feels as though she has learnt the skills to rationalise her brain now.

“Prior to Brain Wellness Spa, I used to explode, I didn’t have that skill to just stop and think before my emotions took the best of me.”