Heidi Anderson

Heidi Anderson


When radio personality, Heidi Anderson, first came to Brain Wellness Spa, she had been suffering with anxiety for almost a decade.
Even though she had a great support system and a job she loved, the diagnosis of anxiety doesn’t discriminate and was still causing Heidi to battle daily with the overwhelming emotions attached to the illness. Last year, after experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks, Heidi went public about her battle.

In her Perth Now article, My Ongoing Battle With Anxiety and Mental Health Issues, she explained suffering in silence with irrational thinking and self-esteem issues was only worsening her situation:

“Some days (truthfully, not many) I would come home with a smile on my face and every other day I would be sad, angry or just withdrawn. I drank alcohol almost every night. Numbing the anxiety is what made me feel alive, but then I would wake the next morning and feel 10 times worse.”

Heidi was also overcome with thoughts of dying, a common factor for people who experience anxiety:

“I’m petrified of dying and this plays a huge part in my every day — I will sometimes think about being killed or dying in a horrific car accident more than 20 times a day.”

It’s been a year since this article was published and two months since Heidi has started coming to Brain Wellness Spa.
After her first session, Heidi started to see immediate changes in the severity of her social anxiety and also began controlling her negative thoughts better. As the weeks progressed, she started to notice her recovery time improving and found her emotions were easier to manage.
By session four, most of Heidi’s indicators had reduced by 80 per cent and she even mentioned us in her follow up Perth Now article, My Battle With Anxiety – One Year On:

“For the past few weeks, I have also been trying something new! Do yourselves a favour, and look up the ‘Brain and Wellness Spa’ in South Perth, which is owned and run by Terri Bowman.. super relaxing and not confronting at all.”

Heidi has just finished all eight sessions and is focusing on her self esteem through our Self Esteem Extreme program, and she is already starting to feel the benefits.

‘I have definitely seen improvements & really noticed my mind changing. I’m excited when I look in the mirror now, because i almost always try find the positive. I still sometimes, like everyone else, have moments of negativity & bad days, but not nearly as many. The change continues with yourself at home too, you have to want to help yourself. I’m so thankful I come along & had the passionate staff dedicated to inspire & help me mentally. Thank you’
Heidi Anderson