Dennis – 40 years old

Dennis – 40 years old


Dennis sought help from the Brain Wellness Spa due to the impact past traumas were having upon his life. To an outsider everything looked great; good supportive family, nice home and good job. Internally Dennis was struggling with images and feelings from the past; very busy negative mindset, drinking to suppress panic and pain and increasingly becoming angry and agitated. Dennis’ feelings of depression were getting stronger.

Dennis wished to bring wellness and happiness into his life without depression and chatter getting in the way, and wanted to find ways to alleviate the impact of trauma governing his behaviour.
Dennis found that over the first few weeks his mind chatter had certainly eased. He still found that he was triggered with past issues but felt that these were getting easier.
Mid way through the program Dennis scores around emotions had significantly reduced.

Dennis’ indicators:

Feelings of depression 6-2
Frustration 5-1
Anger- 7-2
Sadness 8-1
Suffering 6-0
Negative thoughts & thinking 7-1
The following weeks saw a massive changes in Dennis’ behaviour around drinking alcohol being used to band aid feelings. Dennis increased his time spent outdoors. Dennis didn’t like the thought of meditating but did use breathing exercises to create a sense of calm. Dennis realised the importance of accountability for what he was creating and lacking in life. And, though simple, felt empowered for creating conscious change.
Dennis progressed really well with the empowerment program, the biggest change for him was the sense of calm he carried daily, the quietness of mind and the turn around in negative thinking.