Dave James – Freedom is right here for you to have now

Dave James – Freedom is right here for you to have now


Dave has suffered from Anxiety for many years. He noticed that it would trigger most when he was isolated and this caused him to feel lost and concerned about who he was in life. Dave spent most of his time inside his own head. His mental health increasingly began to have a negative impact on his ability to create meaningful relationships and the freedom to speak honestly and openly. He was caught in a web of feeling like nothing was ever going to be enough to help him out of this situation and felt desperate and discouraged.

This all changed for Dave when he left his job and then managed to get it back. He felt he had a real second chance and wanted to restart the life that he had envisioned himself embarking on for so long. After seeing an online advertisement from the Brain Wellness Spa, Dave decided to give us a go. At first he had no idea what to expect and wondered how the program would be able to assist him with the feeling of having lost his identity. Dave pushed past these unknowns and took a leap due to a strong desire to break free from the pattern of life he was living and wanting to bring him closer to the life he felt inside of him.

After his very first session, he felt relief. He experienced noticeable changes in his mind by way of control and was able to gain a sense of what was right again.  However, it was not all uphill for Dave. He experienced severe hesitation going into the next few sessions; struggling to forgive himself and others for past mistakes. This led to a few ups and downs where he faced uncertainty of knowing whether to continue or not. Dave had to make a decision at this point. Was he going to continue to help himself or not? He decided to push through these tough feelings that he was experiencing and was so grateful for his inner strength. Dave found the second to fifth week the toughest. He was releasing a great deal of issues from the past and this created worries about whether the program was right for him.  Early experiences in Dave’s life had caused him to distrust and this had heavily weighed on his shoulders. By pushing through this difficult point in the program, Dave was able to release this weight he had been carrying around for years. The feeling was immense.

From session 6 onwards, Dave felt the real change. He was starting to feel very clear, calm and positive. His anxiety had significantly improved and his confidence and self esteem had grown. Completing the program, Dave took away the ability to trust himself again and was better able to sense opportunity when it was right there in front of him. He was no longer clouded by the grey perception of the world that anxiety and previous life experiences had created for him. Just a couple of weeks on from the end of the program, Dave reports feeling peaceful, relaxed and compassionate. He realised that the freedom was right there in front of him for the taking all along. It was right there inside himself and inside his mind. He just needed to take the leap and push past the fear.

Dave James.

26 years Old.