Chris – 42 Years Old

Chris – 42 Years Old


When Chris*, aged 42, first came to Brain Wellness Spa he was at his lowest point. Not only was he struggling with the end of his relationship and separation from his three children, Chris was also a drug addict and had been using crystal methamphetamine every day for a year.
Chris was three days sober when he came in for his first session; he was emotionally and psychologically distraught. He had gone from a confident and passionate businessman to a broken, aggressive and anxious person. However, after his first session Chris had already changed, he felt relaxed, quiet, calm and neutral to his worries.

By session four, with the help of a drug counsellor, Chris’ entire attitude had changed. He was attending business meetings, building his confidence, focused and passionate. Chris was reconnecting with his ex-partner and maintaining a strong relationship with his children. Even more amazingly, Chris had remained sober the entire time.

At our most recent session, session five, Chris said he felt “bullet proof” and his confidence was beaming out of him. In just five weeks, Chris is so far from the person he was when he first walked through the Brain Wellness Spa doors.

He already plans to finish the eight Emotional Empowerment sessions, followed by some sessions to further his confidence and help achieve his business goals.