Brad – 18 Years Old

Brad – 18 Years Old


When Brad, aged 18, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa he was suffering with severe anxiety and depression. His brain was in crisis mode, he constantly felt on edge and tense in his body. He was struggling with his brain perceiving fear, resulting in a constant sense of worry, negative thoughts and mind chatter.

As a result, Brad had become completely introverted, disconnecting himself from family and friends as he felt unhappy, desperate and unable to cope with life. In a time when he should have be out experiencing the world, he was instead locking himself away in order to survive the chaos that was occurring inside his mind.

During his first recoding session he experienced tingling throughout his body and a sense that he was floating. After finishing, Brad reported he felt completely relaxed, calm, positive and unable to connect into his previous worries; a state of mind he hadn’t remembered feeling for a very long time. He left smiling and feeling very hopeful.

As he progressed through his sessions he began to feel less anxious, less emotionally reactive, and more in control of his emotions. He advised that “things aren’t bothering me like they used to”. He also said he was feeling calmer in himself in general. By week six Brad reported he was now engaging in conversations and had started going out with friends again. His anxiety was now down to 3 (initially it was a 9 out of 10) and he was feeling less fatigued and sleeping better, due to having a quiet mind.

After completing the Emotional Empowerment Program, Brad’s perceptions have changed, he is loving life and looking forward to a brighter future. In fact, he loved the positive results of the sessions so much he booked in extra sessions to help himself reach his emotional peak.