Angela – 54 Years Old

Angela – 54 Years Old


When Angela, aged 54, first attended the Brain Wellness Spa she had been struggling with Bipolar. She had previously attempted to take her own life and had been accustomed to experiencing suicidal thoughts. She advised that the medication she had been taking had helped her to an extent, however, she still suffered with feeling flat, low and sad most of the time.

She had seen both a psychologist and a psychiatrist for many years, taken various medications and even attended bipolar support groups. Angela felt these things helped her at the time, however she reported “I’d end up thinking, feeling and behaving the same after a short period of time.” This was because these conscious brain methods weren’t able to change the way her brain functioned and she was unable to micromanage herself with her busy work/life schedule.

Upon arrival at Brain Wellness Spa, Angela was feeling burnt out and unable to cope with her life. After her first session, all of her indicators had successfully changed, she no longer felt stressed, anxious, or depressed, and the mind chatter had stopped. Additionally, she was unable to emotionally connect in with her previous traumas and therefore did not feel distressed by them. Within the first few weeks of the program, Angela reported she noticed her moods were much more balanced and that she was coping better with her usual stress triggers.

By session five Angela was feeling both a greater sense of inner peace and calmness in her mind. She also reported feeling more energetic and less fatigued, which she was enjoying. By session eight, the end of her Emotional Empowerment Program, Angela confirmed she had achieved her initial goals of happiness, to stop worrying, balanced moods, stability in her mind and to look forward to her new life.
After completing her sessions Angela felt so good that she slowly began lowering her medication levels (in line with her Doctors recommendations). She now attends the Brain Wellness Spa once a month for maintenance of her bipolar.