30 yr old male Generalised anxiety.

30 yr old male Generalised anxiety.


David presented at the BWS due to experiencing generalised anxiety and panic. David felt that the anxiety was debilitating and ruining his life. The impact of anxiety was affecting his work performance, his attendance and his relationships.
David had tried various programs in the past with no longstanding success.
So was hoping the BWS could assist in aiding him to move forward in his life.

David reported taking so much time off work due to anxiety and low mood not being able to face the day. He had concerns of stable employment and worried about what the future held because of these behaviours.

The initial indicator ratings below:

  • Stress 7 Anxiety 7 Depression 5 Feeling flat 7 Moods 5 Tension 5 Worry 6
  • Confusion 6 Loss of Clarity 5 Fatigue 7 Fear 7 Grief 5 Insomnia 4 Anger 6
  • Aggression 6 Jealousy 6 Negative Thoughts 7 Sadness,7 Emotionally Reactive 5
  • Hate 3 Negative Attitudes 5 Negative Thinking 7

David had a brain that was in survival mode. All perceptions were unhealthy. On the whole David was not coping with life, resilience was low and vulnerability high.

This journey was a rocky one for David . The first 4 sessions saw David continuing to struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. David was coached in between sessions to deal with the anxiety and was aware that this journey would take time as a sense of safety and stability needed to be created in the brain. David purchased the anxiety audio to support him in between sessions.

Progress report : By session 5 there was a reduction in all indicators. David had had 6 sessions in total at this point . And it wasn’t until we reached this stage that things began to shift for him.

  • Stress 7-4 Anxiety 7-4 Depression 5-2 Feeling flat 7-2 Moods 5-2
  • Tension 5-2 Worry 6-3 Confusion 6-3 Loss of Clarity 5-2 Fatigue 7-5
  • Fear 7-4 Grief 5-2 Insomnia 4-3 Anger 6-3 Aggression 6-3 Jealousy 6-3
  • Negative Thoughts 7-4 Sadness,7-5 Emotionally Reactive5-3 Hate 3-2
  • Negative Attitudes 5-3 Negative Thinking 7-4

David by this stage carried himself with more energy and confidence. David reports noticing the changes in him self even though he had stressors in his relationship and in work. David reported doing well in all areas of his life. He spoke about feeling more confident, but was most happy with people in his life noticing the changes.

By session 7 David reports feeling like a different person. There were still some environmental stressors impacting , but overall David was feeling optimistic and anxiety was not as debilitating and ruling his life as it had done in the past.

  • Stress 7-4-3 Anxiety 7-4-3 Depression 5-2-1 Feeling flat 7-2-1 Moods 5-2-1
  • Tension 5-2-1 Worry 6-3-1 Confusion 6-3-1 Loss of Clarity 5-2-1 Fatigue 7-5-2
  • Fear 7-4-3 Grief 5-2-1 Insomnia 4-3-3 Anger 6-3-1 Aggression 6-3-1
  • Jealousy 6-3-2 Negative Thoughts 7-4-1 Sadness,7-5-1
  • Emotionally Reactive 5-3-1 Hate 3-2-1 Negative Attitudes 5-3-1
  • Negative Thinking 7-4-1

In reviewing perceptions all were identified as healthy, compared to the initial session with all perceptions being unhealthy.

Final empowerment session.

  • Stress 7-4-3-4 Anxiety 7-4-3-3 Depression 5-2-1-2 Feeling flat 7-2-1-5
  • Moods 5-2-1-2 Tension 5-2-1-3 Worry 6-3-1-2 Confusion 6-3-1-2
  • Loss of Clarity 5-2-1-2 Fatigue 7-5-2-5 Fear 7-4-3-4 Grief 5-2-1-2
  • Insomnia 4-3-3-4 Anger 6-3-1-1 Aggression 6-3-1-1 Jealousy 6-3-2-1
  • Negative Thoughts 7-4-1-2 Sadness,7-5-1-3 Emotionally Reactive5-3-1-2
  • Hate 3-2-1-1 Negative Attitudes 5-3-1-1 Negative Thinking 7-4-1-4

David reported being in a clearer head space than when he started his journey at the BWS . He reported that some of the indicator scores are a reflection of his work environment and pressures. However David reported feeling more competent and confident in this area despite the stress and anxiety.

Generalised anxiety was seen as minimal and was reported that if and when bouts of anxiety occur, he was able to deal with this better and comes out of this quicker. The anxiety being experienced at this time was work related.